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The Pharmacy team

  • The department is staffed by a dedicated team of pharmacists, technicians & support staff. Some key contact people are:

    Brian Lilley

    Director of Pharmacy 

    Email: Brian Lilley

    Mark Kimber

    Pharmacy Business & Development Manager

    Email: Mark Kimber

    Donna Legge

    Senior Pharmacist, Clinical Trials

    Email: Donna Legge

    Molika In

    Dispensary Manager

    Email: Molika In

    Victoria Letts

    Acting Deputy Director of Pharmacy

    Operations Manager

    Email: Victoria Letts

    Siobhan Andrews

    Senior Pharmacist, Sterile Manufacturing Unit

    Email: Siobhan Andrews

    Christine Plover

    Senior Pharmacist, Medicines Information Centre

    Email: Christine Plover

    Sarah Kouw

    Pharmacist in Charge, Children's Cancer Centre

    Email: Sarah Kouw

    Kathleen Thai 

    Intern Coordinator 

    Email: Kathleen Thai

    Linda Ker

    Student Coordinator

    Email: Linda.Ker

    Hayley Tozer

    Technician Coordinator 

    Email: Hayley.Tozer