Health Information Services


  • Privacy concerns relating to personal information have been the topic of much discussion in recent years and covers the empowering of individuals to manage, as far as practicable, the collection, use and dissemination of personal information about themselves.

    Significant legislative reform has occurred in this area, at both the federal and state level, and The Royal Children's Hospital has implemented numerous policies to ensure compliance.

    The privacy of your personal information brochure outlines why we collect your information, how it is used, as well as steps we take to protect your privacy.

    Privacy policies

    RCH has developed several policies to ensure we are compliant with the Health Records Act 2001. The main over-arching RCH Privacy Policy fulfills our obligation under HPP 5.1 within the Health Records Act 2001. Further information regarding our information management practices can be found in the following policy documents: 

    Privacy officer

    From 1st July 2002, The Royal Children's Hospital has had a staff member responsible for privacy. An implementation project was completed with policies and staff education campaigns conducted. The Privacy Officer is a resource for the organisation regarding issues relating to privacy.

    If you have any questions or concerns relating to privacy, confidentiality or security of information please contact the RCH Privacy Officer during business hours via the hospital switchboard on 9345 5522