Primary Care Liaison

Allergen desensitisation

  • The following pre-referral guideline covers allergen desensitisation for children of all ages.

    When to refer

    Refer to allergy specialist for assessment regarding suitability of specific immunotherapy for:

    • Patient with severe seasonal rhinitis or chronic allergic rhinitis where symptoms are not controlled with optimal medical management over the season or for at least six months.
    • Severe allergy (anaphylaxis) to honey bee, wasp or Jack jumper ant

    This management includes:

    • Preventative topical steroid.
    • Allergen avoidance.
    • Saline nasal spray.
    • Antihistamines.

    Specific immunotherapy is not recommended for childhood asthma

    Please include all prereferral management already tried, doses, length of time used, side effects etc 

    Urgent referral/clinical query call ED or Registrar on-call 9345 7062

    Suggestions about managing immunotherapy in the community

    • Do not perform induction or unscheduled updosing of immunotherapy in doctor's rooms. This should be performed in a specialist centre.
    • Maintenance therapy may be provided at doctor's rooms, provided resuscitation equipment is available.
    • Asthma management must be optimised in patient receiving immunotherapy.


    • Paediatric Handbook (2009) Eighth Edition, Blackwell Publishing. By the staff of the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, Australia.

    Guideline developed by RCH Department of Allergy and Immunology. First published Jan 2008. Reviewed October 2013. Please read  Copyright and Disclaimer