Meet The Team

  • The Department of Allergy and Immunology consists of a wide variety of medical, nursing and allied health staff, all of whom may be involved in providing patient care. 


    Dr Joanne Smart, Director, Paediatric Allergist Immunologist

    Dr Sharon Choo, Paediatric Allergist Immunologist & Immunopathologist

    Dr Theresa Cole, Paediatric Immunologist

    Dr Sam Mehr, Paediatric Allergist Immunologist & Immunopathologist

    Dr Stephanie Richards,  Paediatric Allergist Immunologist & Immunopathologist

    Dr Mark Taranto, Paediatric Allergist Immunologist

    Professor Mimi Tang, Paediatric Allergist Immunologist

    Dr Marnie Robinson, Paediatric Allergist Immunologist

    Dr Ee Lyn Su, Paediatric Allergist Immunologist

    Dr Dean Tey, Paediatric Allergist Immunologist

    Dr Joanna Simmons, Paediatric Allergist Immunologist

    Dr Sabeena Selvarajah, Paediatric Allergist Immunologist

    Dr Kirsten Perrett, General Paediatrician, Vaccinologist & Allergist

    Dr Sing Jill Chow, General Paediatrician & Allergist

    Dr David Tran, General Paediatrician and Allergist

    Specialists who have completed the Paediatricians with a Special Interest in Allergy Program

    Dr Domenic Cincotta

    Dr Adrian Elderhurst

    Dr Gideon Pinczower

    Dr Ania Hargrove

    Dr Kirsten Perrett

    Dr David Cutting

    Dr Brownyn Cathels

    Dr Sing-Jill Chow

    Dr Ruby Hameed

    Dr David Tran

    Dr Claire Mauer

    Dr Kylie Blackwell

    Dr Julie Belousoff

    Dr Lalita Jindal

    Dr Paulina Alhucema

    Dr Jayne Smart

    Dr Chris Smith

    Dr Jolene Fraser

    Dr Pei Ying Loo

    Private Specialists

    A list of paediatric allergists & immunologists can be found on the ASCIA website

    Dr Joanne Smart

    Dr Sam Mehr

    Dr Paxton Loke

    Dr Ania Hargrove

    Dr Jayne Smart

    Dr Joanna Simmons