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  • Why do we swaddle babies?

    • Swaddling helps your baby feel safe and secure as they adjust to life outside the womb. 
    • Swaddling helps keep your baby warm.
    • Swaddled babies sleep longer as their startle reflex doesn’t wake them up.
    • Swaddling can help them develop their muscles 
    • Swaddling can help babies cope with painful procedures e.g. blood tests) and caregiving e.g. weights or baths.

    Swaddling tips:

    • Firmly wrap your baby’s arms bent up to their chest or under their chin (this is more comfortable for your baby than straight arms).
    • Loosely wrap around the hips to ensure legs can move freely. 
    • Swaddles should be firm without being too restrictive.

    Note: if your baby cant be swaddled for medical reasons (close observation) they will be nested to support their body.