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Andrology services charges


                                               Charge           Medicare Rebate         Out-of-Pocket

    1. Semen Analysis             $71.40                   $35.50                       $35.90

    2. Sperm Antibody             $42.00                   $24.10                       $17.90

    3. Combined                      $113.40                 $59.60                       $53.80

    SPERM BANKING CHARGES (There are no Medicare rebates for sperm banking services)

     1. Initial Charge                $286.00 (Processing and storage for one year of up to four semen samples. Each sample will require semen analysis, as listed above)

                                              $214.50 (25% discount for holders of current Centre Link cards)

     2. Ongoing Rate               $220.00 (Annual sperm storage fee payable on the anniversary of initial storage, and for all subsequent years of storage)

                                              $165.00 (25% discount for holders of current Centre Link cards)