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Attending appointments

  • Preparing your child for their visit

    Here are some helpful tips to prepare for your child's visit. 

    Explain the reason for the visit, using word's your child can understand. Always answer questions honestly.

    Let your child know you will be there throughout the entire appointment. 

    Infants: bring comfort items (such as a toy or blanket) to help your baby feel more secure. If babies are due to be fed, come prepared with a bottle of food. Change facilities are available, nappies are not provided.

    Toddlers: use simple language to discuss the visit with your child. Explain what will take place just before your visit. Your child can bring a book or favorite toy. You can also bring food or drinks for your child or there are plenty of cafes near specialist clinics where these can be purchased. 

    Pre-schoolers: answer questions truthfully, using words your child understands. Tell your child the specialist's name. Encourage them to ask do questions about what will happen. A snack or drink will help a hungry or thirsty pre-schooler during your wait. 

    School-age: give honest and accurate information. Tell them about the appointment a couple of days in advance. Emphasis that an outpatient visit is not a hospital admission and does not mean an overnight stay. Bring your child's favorite toy or game. 

    Teenager: inform your teenager about the appointment when you make it. Encourage them to ask questions and express feelings. Answer questions honestly. Let them know it's OK to ask the doctors and nurses questions. 

    What to bring

    Please bring the following to your child's appointment:

    • Medicare Card (you will need this to register)
    • Other concession cards
    • Your appointment letter
    • Your child's GP details; name, address and phone number
    • Any test results or x-rays that are relevant to this visit
    • Child Health Record (blue or green book)
    • A list of any questions you may want to ask the specialist
    • An updated referral (only required if it has been requested) 

    Where to find our clinics?

    Find the Specialist Clinics.

    Registration and check in

    If it is your first visit to a specialist clinic or if your contact details have changed, please head directly to your clinic’s main desk. All new patients to The Royal Children's Hospital will be required to complete a registration with a member of our team. 

    For subsequent visits, please use the automated self-check in kiosks to register when you arrive. 

    Do you need a blood test or an X-ray?

    You may need to have a test or X-ray performed before seeing the doctor. If this is the case, a time will be scheduled close to your appointment. You should receive a letter informing you of this.

    If you need to have any pathology (blood) or radiology (X-ray) tests before your clinic appointment, you should have these before you check-in at the screen or on the check-in app.

    Private patient appointments

    Please note that some private appointments are held in the consulting offices at 48 Flemington Road, which is attached to the RCH building. Refer to your appointment letter or text message, and speak to staff at the main reception desk when you enter the hospital if you require further direction.

    Waiting times

    It is recommended that you allow up to 2 hours for your visit.

    We understand that it is difficult for children to wait and will endeavour to see everyone at their allocated appointment time, however unexpected delays may occur. 

    Play therapy

    Play therapist provide distraction for children having procedures in Specialist clinics.

    Trained volunteers also assist play therapists by providing play activities for children while they wait for their appointment.