Self-check in kiosks

  • Specialist Clinics have automated check-in kiosks which allow you to self-check in. Please use the automated self-check in kiosks to register when you arrive. This will reduce the need to wait in lengthy queues. Kiosks are located in all specialist clinics areas at the entry of Desks A, B, D, E and H.

    Kiosks are user friendly with two options of registering, either, scanning the barcode on your appointment letter or swiping your Medicare card. This will automatically notify the specialist clinics team that you have arrived.

    Follow the instructions on the screen or ask one of our helpful volunteers for assistance.  We will ask you at each visit to confirm your child’s details to ensure we have your most up to date information. If any details have changed you will be directed to the reception desk to update them with a staff member.  

    If you enter your mobile phone number at check-in, we will notify you via a text message when it is time to return to the waiting area for your appointment; giving you more freedom to enjoy other areas of the hospital while you wait.

    When the clinician is ready to see you

    Your ticket number will be displayed on the TV screens in the waiting area.

    You will receive the same information on your phone via text message if you entered you mobile number at check in. Make your way to the room number indicated on the screen of your phone.