About the Immigrant Health Service

  • The immigrant health service includes a weekly outpatient clinic (Mondays 13:00 - 17:00 at desk A5), patient consultations, education for service providers and work in policy development. The service is supported by the Victorian Government Department of Health and Human Services, including support for the refugee health fellow program.

    We provide a comprehensive approach to physical and mental health for children and young people who arrived as refugees or seeking asylum. The clinic provides a multidisciplinary assessment service for recently arrived children of a refugee background, including medical and education/developmental assessment, mental health/psychiatry assessment, oral health assessment and health promotion, immunisations, Mantoux testing and administration of Vitamin D as needed. Asylum seeker children and children in community or held detention are also seen. Post-arrival health screening can be provided if required.

    From 2018 - we have introduced a combined refugee health and mental health service - staff include 4 consultant paediatricians, 3 fellows, a psychiatrist, paediatric mental health nurse, a clinic coordinator, and a dental therapist. Male and female clinicians are available, one of the clinicians is Farsi speaking. As well as expertise in child refugee health, staff have experience in general paediatrics, developmental paediatrics, forensic medicine, child and adolescent psychiatry and paediatric mental health nursing. Interpreting, pathology, radiology and pharmacy services are available onsite, alongside all other hospital services. Volunteers help families navigate the hospital. We have regular secondary mental health (psychiatry and psychology) consultations, and we are also supported by a teacher from the RCH Education Institute. We have close links to primary health care providers, refugee health teams, the Royal Dental Hospital and settlement/community organisations working in refugee health.  

    All children within a family can be seen at the same visit to minimise trip to the hospital. In addition every attempt is made to combine appointments for other services (such as eye review and audiology) with clinic times. A detailed summary is provided for the referring doctor with an ongoing plan for management; families receive a copy of this letter. The service is free of charge for all refugee and asylum seeker children. 

    We have affiliated services in Footscray (CoHealth), Craigieburn (in partnership with Northern Hospital), Darebin (Plenty Valley Community Health) and Ringwood (EACH) - please see contact details for these services if needed.

    Referrals - key information

    Referrals should be clearly marked to Immigrant health clinic (attention Helen Milton) and can be sent through the normal outpatient referrals process.  Please include the following information:

    • Reason for referral
    • Accurate contact details, case worker details where possible, all languages spoken (note dialect if relevant) and interpreter requirement
    • Medicare status and asylum seeker status
    • Any previous investigations - blood tests, radiology and other investigations - ideally including results, but a list of tests ordered is still helpful
    • Vaccinations given
    • Medications
    • Offshore migration (or HAP ID number if known) or IHMS summaries if available.

    The Community Detention Assistance Desk - 1800 725 518 is a useful source of information on people in Community Detention.

    Translated appointment reminder tools

    Caseworker resources


    Immigrant health resources. Updated July 2018. Contact georgia.paxton@rch.org.au