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    Connecting doctors and health professionals with the RCH EMR

    RCH Link is a web-based portal connecting doctors and health professionals in the community with quick, easy and secure access to information in the RCH electronic medical record (EMR).

    If you are a doctor or health professional working external to the RCH, who shares in the care of RCH patients, you can sign up to have remote access to the RCH EMR.

    RCH patients and families must give the RCH consent, to share information via RCH Link, with their nominated local doctor and their practice, and other community health care providers.

    RCH Link will not replace existing communication from the RCH, such as discharge summaries, and emergency department and specialist clinic letters.

    RCH Link is currently available to community health professionals in Victoria and Tasmania.

    Key features

    RCH Link provides registered users with secure view-only access to an RCH patient’s record. Community healthcare providers with RCH Link access can view clinical information such as –

    • upcoming and past RCH visits
    • inpatient and outpatient progress notes
    • discharge and after visit summaries
    • labs and imaging results
    • allergies, medical history, medications

    …and more

    • place referrals to RCH clinics
    • receive and send In Basket messages to and from RCH staff securely and quickly
    • request access to patients not on your patient list
    • get alerts when a patient is seen at the RCH (you can customise which alerts you’d like to see)


    There are separate levels of access for site administrators, clerical staff and clinical staff.

    Doctors and health professionals must be registered with the National Health Services Directory.

    Community users register their practice or health service as a "site" (usually as a group). Individual user accounts are required for each provider within the site.

    Sites will have one or more "site administrator" who can add new users and maintain site details.

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