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Information for referring practitioners

  • Outpatient services for Orthopaedics have a significant waiting list. In order to prioritise referrals we require very specific information.

    Cerebral palsy

    • Please indicate the GMFCS classification of the child. Further details may be viewed in the GMFCS handout 
    • Indicate any specific area of concern eg hips, spine, gait. 
    • Send physiotherapy report and update this at the time of the appointment if there has been a significant time lapse

    Spinal deformity

    • For Scoliosis please send a standing PA X-ray of the spine (prefer a 3-foot or 36 inch cassette view of the entire spine if possible)
    • Indicate child's age and maturity


    • Date of birth
    • Date of detection of abnormality
    • Mode of detection eg physical finding of subluxation, or ultrasound finding