Asthma – videos

  • The videos on this page will help you better understand and manage your child's asthma. If your child shows signs of severe asthma (struggling to breathe, deep sucking movements at their throat or chest), call an ambulance immediately.

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    Translated videos

    These videos are available in the following community languages:

    فيديوهات الربو – Arabic Chinese Simplified – 哮喘视频 Chinese Traditional – 氣喘影片 Vietnamese – Video về bệnh hen suyễn

    What is asthma?

    Learn more about asthma, the triggers and the signs and symptoms of an asthma episode.

    Treating asthma

    See how the medicines work, and how you use them to treat asthma.

    Asthma action plan & Asthma first aid

    Understanding your child's asthma action plan and learn what steps to take during a severe asthma episode. 

    Asthma in preschool children

    How to use a puffer with a spacer and mask

    Using a spacer with a mask for children aged four years and under.

    How to use a puffer with a spacer

    Instructions for a small volume spacer for children aged four years and older.

    How to use an turbuhaler

    How to use a rapihaler and spacer

    How to use a nasal spray

    Caring for your spacer

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  • Asthma – videos


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