About Fertility Preservation Service

  • The Fertility Preservation Service was established in 2012, built by a guiding coalition and driven by a shared passion to establish a clinical and academic centre of excellence in Oncofertility. The service is based upon the work of the multidisciplinary team, with strong partnerships across the Parkville precinct. The director of the Oncofertility Program is Associate Professor Yasmin Jayasinghe. The Oncofertility Nurse Coordinators, Kathryn McFadden & Lucy Elam, play a central role supporting families from diagnosis to transition. There are two program managers for the service. The clinical program manager, Pamela Salveen, monitors quality and safety to support high quality care. The academic program manager, Dr Michael Assis, oversees research and data.

    Our mission

    To develop and implement resources, improve communication, develop guidance and policy, build capacity in all levels at The Royal Children's Hospital and beyond.

    Our goal

    To provide trusted and timely Oncofertility care, and ensure that all children, irrespective of background, learn about the impact of their treatment on fertility, and discuss ways to protect fertility as much as possible.

  • To see how important the Fertility Preservation Service is to our patients, please watch the following video: