What is Fertility Preservation?

  • Fertility Preservation

    Fertility preservation is a process that has the potential to preserve a person’s ability to have a biological child in the future. This includes the freezing of healthy ovarian tissue and mature eggs for biological females and the freezing of healthy testicular tissue and mature sperm for biological males. 

    The Fertility Preservation Service provides 

    • Fertility, sexual and reproductive health consultation for children and adolescents at any age, before, during and after cancer treatment
    • Fertility, sexual and reproductive health consultation for children and adolescents who may have other conditions or treatments that affect fertility
    • Education and training of health professionals
    • Referral to other services involved in fertility care 

    When to consider a referral to the Fertility Preservation Service

    • When a medical treatment may pose a potential risk to a patient’s fertility
    • When a patient has a medical condition that may affect their fertility
    • When a patient or family request a referral
    • If you are unsure
    • When a patient has completed cancer treatment

    How do I refer to the Fertility Preservation Service?

    • Telephone the Oncofertility team on (03) 9345 5309
    • Contact the Oncofertility Nurse Coordinator through switchboard on (03) 9345 5522 requesting extension 52382 
    • Email fertility@rch.org.au
    • If you are an external health professional who needs specialised advice, please contact the Director of the Oncofertility Program, Associate Professor Yasmin Jayasinghe, through switchboard on (03) 9345 5522