Early Childhood Intervention Services


  • What do we offer?

    We provide packages of care to families depending on level of need and according to their NDIS plan

    This package will include hours for family service coordination, visits to home childcare / kinder by  a key worker plus a number of consult visits to a therapist as required

    Programs are offered to children 0-6 years of age, who have developmental delay and disabilities.

    We also provide at the centre:

    Hanen programs delivered by speech pathologists

    Hanen certified speech pathologists at the centre offer research based programs designed for parents and their children between the ages of 0-5 years. There are programs available to support children with language delays, children with social communication difficulties or autism spectrum disorders (ASD).  A key focus of each group is to teach parents how to make the most of each interaction they have with their child to promote interaction, language learning and social communication skills.

    • It Takes Two To Talk 
    • More Than Words 
    • TalkAbility


    Key Word Sign

    Key Word Sign is the use of manual signs and natural gesture to support communication.  

    Key Word Sign is used to encourage and support language development in children and adults with communication difficulties. 

    We offer training in key word sign for parents, teachers and support staff.



    Parent support services

    Tuning in to Kids

    Emotionally Intelligent Parenting - A six week group program for parents. 


    Toilet training delivered by occupational therapists

    Parent workshop to assist with the development of a toilet training plan. 


    Sleepwise – Positive Sleep Practices for Young Children with Developmental Delay

    The Sleepwise Program is aimed at supporting the families/carers of young children (between 1-6 years of age) with developmental delay. It outlines a comprehensive approach to supporting children’s sleep.  


    Parent-Child Mother Goose Program

    The Parent-Child Mother Goose Program enhances the parent-child relationship through the pleasure of oral language experiences. The program embraces families from all backgrounds providing a valuable resource to first time parents and experienced parents alike. Children gain skills in communication and social skills while parents develop confidence and skills in parenting. This program is open to the community and families with children with special needs.  Please speak to your Key Worker or phone the centre if interested. This program is sponsored by the Waverley Auxiliary and UBC.


    Multi-disciplinary groups 

    Skills for School 

    This group prepares children that are transitioning into a mainstream school environment. Focusing on independent skills, fine motor skills, emotional regulation and attention to task.


    Fussy Eating 

    Based on the principals of the SOS approach this group program aims to increase children’s tolerance of exposure to new foods and building oral motor skills. Parents attend this group with their children and watch the therapy room via a live stream, during this time education is provided by one of the therapists.

    Fussy Eating

    Move and Groove

    This group focus on gross motor skill development and sensory regulation through music and movement. Parents attend this group with their child.

    Move and Groove