Early Childhood Intervention Services

Hanen Groups

  • Hanen programs are evidence and research based, family centred programs that recognise that you are the person who knows your child best. As a parent, you will receive the knowledge and strategies you need to support your child with communication and language difficulties in everyday routines

    Hanen certified Speech Pathologists and Hanen Certified Early Childhood teachers at the centre offer programs designed for parents and their children and early educators and their kindergarten/childcare classes between the ages of 0-5 years

    There are programs available to support children with 

    • Children with language delays
    • Children who are late talkers
    • Children with social communication difficulties or autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and language delays.
    • Children who have an autism spectrum disorder who are verbal.
    • Children with literacy and language learning difficulties.

    These programs can be offered at the centre, at home and in the kindergarten/childcare environment.

    A key focus of each program is to teach parents and educators how to make the most of each interaction they have with their child/children to promote interaction, language learning and social communication skills

    For more information about the research behind Hanen:


    Hanen Programs for Parents

    If you are the parent of a child who requires support with language, interaction or communication skills you might be interested in one of these programs:

    For more information about Parent programs:


    Programs for Educators

    If your childcare centre or kindergarten are looking for more support on how to help children at your centre who are experiencing difficulties with language learning you might consider one of the following programs:

    • Learning Language & Loving it 
    • Teacher Talk

    For more information about programs for educators:


    Our Hanen Certified Speech Pathologists and Early Childhood Teachers will know which program is best for you.