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    November 2023

    School Action and Management Plans (Plan) for 2024

    All children/students with type 1 diabetes attending early childhood settings, primary or secondary schools in Victoria need to have a current Diabetes Action and Management plan in place to ensure that their diabetes care needs are met. These management have been developed by Diabetes Victoria, The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) and Monash Children’s Hospital, are based on current best practice paediatric guidelines and are reviewed yearly.

    See our school page to organise your child's 2024 Diabetes School Action and Management Plan 

    Medtronic 640G users: 

    Medtronic have advised that they will discontinue their 640G pump from 31st December 2023. This means that from 1st January 2024, they will be unable to replace any MiniMed 640G with a new MiniMed 640G. People using a Medtronic 640G insulin pump will instead be provided with a MiniMed 780G insulin pump in manual mode, together with appropriate training to cover their remaining warranty period.

    Medtronic will continue to offer people supplies and technical support for the pump they are currently using. 

    For more information, please contact Medtronic Customer Service: 1800 668 670

    For Dexcom G6 Users: 

    Dexcom is aware that the G6 app has stopped sharing data with followers immediately after the G6 iOS 1.11.0 app update. This issue only affects the G6 iOS app version 1.11.0. The G6 app user will not experience any issues, however the followers will see “no data” displayed in the follow app and dashes in the follow iOS widget.

    To resolve the Follow app issue, please follow the steps below to resume data sharing:

    1. Open G6 iOS USER app
    2. Tap on Share in the upper left corner
    3. Tap the Share toggle to turn if OFF
    4. Tap the Share toggle to turn it back ON
    5. Check with the Follower to make sure data is displaying
    6. Wait up to 10-15 minutes for data to resume

    If you continue to experience issues in the follow app after performing the steps above, please let us know by contacting us on 1300 851 056 or emailing

    Please contact AMSL Dexcom G6 team to notify them that you have experienced this issue. They are asking for the following details: 

    1. Dexcom G6 Username = *(open the Dexcom app, tap on settings > account, scroll down to login info)
    1. Dexcom G6 transmitter SN =*(open the Dexcom app, tap on settings > transmitter)
    1. Dexcom G6 app Revision =*(open the Dexcom app, tap on settings > about)
    1. Dexcom G6 user’s phone model =*(go to settings> general > about)
    1. Dexcom G6 user’s phone iOS Version = *(go to settings> general > about)

    October 2023

    Online training for family and friends: 

    Do you sometimes wish your family members and friends knew a little more about diabetes so they could feel confident providing care and support? Diabetes Australia have developed an online learning module aimed specifically at family, friends, babysitters, and nannies who might be responsible for looking after a child with type 1 diabetes. This online module takes an hour to complete and covers topics such as:

    • Understanding diabetes
    • Monitoring glucose levels
    • Insulin delivery devices
    • Diabetes Highs
    • Diabetes Lows
    • Eating to manage diabetes
    • Being active
    • Being supportive

    You can access this online module here Education & events - Diabetes programs - Diabetes Australia and look for the training titled ‘Looking after a child with diabetes’.

    Medtronic travel loan insulin pump program: 

    The Medtronic Travel Loan Program provides you with a spare pump to carry with you while you are away on holiday overseas or in remote locations where you are unable to receive a replacement pump should your pump fail.

    Contact: Medtronic cannot guarantee the availability of a specific model of the loan pump provided.

    Medtronic ask to submit your application two weeks prior to the travel date but with the holidays approaching earlier than this to avoid delays.  

    Common Questions about the Medtronic Travel Loan Program:

    Q: Can I open the pump package up and input the device settings even if I don’t end up needing to use it?

    A: Yes you may – safety first!

    Q: How long do I have to return the pump after I return form my time away?

    A: 14 days

    Q: How long may I travel with the loan travel pump?

    A: Up to 90 Days

    Fiasp insulin to remain on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS)

    On 18 September, Minister for Health and Aged Care, Hon Mark Butler MP, announced that Fiasp insulin will continue to be available on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) from 1 October 2023 for people living with diabetes.

    More information can be found here; Fiasp penfill lisiting on the PBS

    JDRF new book release

    JDRF have released a new guide on wellbeing for parents and carers, titled "If you're Okay, They're Okay".

    This is a free download providing advice on: 

    • Support to help parents raise their children with confidence
    • Age-appropriate expectations for children living with T1D
    • Tips for dealing with the family’s emotional challenges
    • Practical advice on common issues 

    JDRF Parent Wellbeing Guide 

    September 2023

    Essential medical equipment on off annual payment 

    Did you know that Services Australia (Centrelink) offer an annual payment of $189 dollars to eligible individuals to assist with the electricity cost associated with essential medical equipment. If you are using an insulin pump this may include you. More information about this payment and who is eligible can be found here:  Essential Medical Equipment Payment - Services Australia or speak to your local Centrelink office staff.

    Please note approval for this payment can be provided by your GP.

    August 2023

    Medtronic mobile app update required 

    Medtronic have informed us that an update is required to CareLink™ Connect app

    This is copied from a recent Medtronic notification

    We want to provide an update about the outage. We have installed additional servers to address the CareLink Connect app outage that resulted from increased usage and data sharing, and we want to inform you that there’s a new version of the app available for your patients to download on their compatible device. We recommend that they update to this new version as quickly as possible, as it contains some important updates to improve the experience. We have let your patients know this key information also. 

    You may be required to log in again on your CareLink account after this update. If you require support with the update or have subsequent upload problems, please contact Medtronic helpline on  1800 777 808

    July 2023

    Diabetes camps 

    Diabetes Victoria in conjunction with the RCH and Monash Children’s Hospital run a number of camps throughout the year for children and young people living with type 1 diabetes. 

    These camps are a great way for children and young people to meet and share experiences with others living with type 1 diabetes in a fun and active environment. The camps are staffed by volunteers including adults living with type 1 diabetes, medical and allied health staff so you can be sure participants will be safely cared for. More information about the camps can be found here:  Diabetes Camps Victoria | Diabetes Victoria 

    To apply for a camp, you need to respond to their call for expressions of interest. Expressions of interest for the 2024 camps are open now and will close of the 30th of September 2023.

    To get your application in simply fill out the expression of interest form which can be found here.

    DV camps 202

    National Diabetes Week – 9-15 July 2023

    This National Diabetes Week, Diabetes Australia is kick-starting Australia’s biggest conversation about the impact of diabetes in this country – a conversation to drive change and create hope for the future. 
    Diabetes Australia will host a series of five thought-provoking Great Debates (available online) over five days featuring people living with diabetes and diabetes experts discussing the big topics relevant to the future of diabetes in Australia. 
    Co-hosted by Diabetes Australia’s Group CEO Justine Cain and Dr Norman Swan AM, the Great Debates will be a mix of live in-person (plus live-streamed) and virtual events.

    For more information or to register to attend one of these debates online please go to: The Great Debate Series  - Diabetes Australia

     For more information about National Diabetes Week and how you can join the conversation click here: National Diabetes Week 2023 - Diabetes Australia

    Updating to the Medtronic Guardian™ 4 Transmitter and Sensor (available from 1 July 2023) 

    To update to the Medtronic Guardian™ 4 Transmitter and Sensor, we will request a new Starter Pack (new transmitter and sensors).

    The transmitter and sensor are both new products with NDSS, so a Diabetes Nurse Educator will need to update your NDSS access authority.

    To complete the update, please email with your child's NDSS number, Medicare number, full name as listed on NDSS and your home and postal address. These are all required to be confirmed when there is an update to NDSS authority. You will receive a confirmation email from NDSS and the Starter Pack will be sent to your home. 

    See these instructions for swapping over to the new Guardian™ 4 Transmitter and Sensor 

    Important points to highlight when changing to the Medtronic  Guardian™ 4 Transmitter and Sensor:

    • Starter Packs will be shipped to your address registered on NDSS.
    • When the change is made, you will not have access to Guardian™ 3 stock, make sure you have enough stock of Guardian™ 3 sensors while waiting for the Guardian™ 4 to be sent to you.
    • When your Starter Pack arrives - Unpair Guardian™ 3 transmitter and Pair Guardian™ 4 transmitter to the MiniMed780G pump. Do not use any Guardian 3™ sensors or transmitters.
    • There is a 2 hour sensor warm up. 
    • A blood glucose level (BGL) is required to start initial SmartGuard™ (No calibrations are required).
    • Sensor changes are still every 7 days – the algorithm will only require a BGL if the sensor has been off for more than 4 hours. If it’s changed within 4 hours it will NOT require a BGL to initiate SmartGuard™ again.
    • Transmitter has a 12 month warranty and sensors can be ordered via NDSS local pharmacy after the initial pack has been started.
    • Any faulty equipment (sensor or transmitter) please contact Medtronic customer service for replacements.

    June 2023

    LibreLinkUp app version 4.7 was released on 15 June 2023. If you are using this you must update. 

    From 21 June the current version of the LibreLinkUp app will no longer be supported, and caregivers will no longer receive glucose readings and alarms from their connections. 

    If you have any questions, please contact your Abbott representative or call FreeStyle Libre Customer Care (8AM - 7PM AEST, Mon - Fri. Closed public holidays) phone 1800 801 478

    April 2023

    Get Active Victoria is a Victorian Government initiative to support eligible families receive up to $200 to cover the cost of registration fees for organised sport/active recreation. 

    To be eligible for a voucher your child/dependent must be: 

    • under 18 years of age 
    • be a Victorian resident 
    • have a valid Health Care Card/Pensioner Concession Card 
    • have a valid Medicare card 

    For more information go to Get Active Victoria 

    March 2023

    Fiasp and Fiasp FlexTouch to continue on the Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme (PBS) for people living with type 1 diabetes for a further 6 months. 

    A statement from Diabetes Australia 17 March 2023

    Medtronic insulin pumps - product defect correction for the battery cap: For all people using a MiniMed™ 600 series and MiniMed™ 700 series insulin pump models, including MiniMed™ 640G, MiniMed™ 670G, MiniMed™ 700, MiniMed™ , MiniMed™ 770G, and MiniMed™ 780G should have received an email or letter from Medtronic advising them to check their battery cap and metal contact on their pump to see if they are damaged. See the complete recall notice. Please contact Medtronic Technical support on 1800 777 808 for further information and assistance.

    January 2023

    School camps 

    Going on school camp can be an exciting adventure for children however sometimes parents are worried that the school will not know how to look after their child's diabetes care needs at camp. A dedicated school camp plan, prepared by your diabetes team, will help the teachers plan how best to support your child. 

    For further information on the school plans and camp plans visit the school page  

    Current newsletter

    August 2023 

    RCH Diabetes Newsletter 7

    Topics include: 

    • Ypso insulin pumps coming to RCH diabetes clinic
    • Information on insulin for Life Australia - donating insulin and diabetes supplies 
    • Research opportunities
    • Exercise and diabetes 
    • Get Active Victoria initiative 
    • Diabetes Victoria Camps 
    • Diabetes Team updates 

    March 2023

    RCH Diabetes Newsletter 6

    Topics include: 

    • Special occasions: Ramadan, Passover and Easter 
    • Research updates 
    • Managing sick days with diabetes 
    • Driving and Diabetes: Above 5 to Drive 
    • Planning for an insulin pump upgrade 
    • Diabetes Allied Health Team changes 

    Earlier newsletters

    COVID-19 and diabetes

    Check into this page for information related to diabetes and COVID-19.

    COVID-19 updates

    Latest updates

    November 2022: Medtronic pump upgrades via loyalty program

    After careful consideration, the RCH Diabetes Team has made the decision not to participate in the Medtronic Loyalty Program updating Medtronic 600 series pumps to the 700 series. It has not been an easy decision for us to make, but whilst we currently have families waiting to start insulin Pump Therapy we do not feel we would be providing a fair and equitable service for all patients if we were to reallocate staff to upgrading Pumps before they are out of warranty. 

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding this decision please contact the Diabetes Allied Health Team Manager or telephone: 9345 5926.

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