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    April 2023

    Get Active Victoria is a Victorian Government initiative to support eligible families receive up to $200 to cover the cost of registration fees for organised sport/active recreation. 

    To be eligible for a voucher your child/dependent must be: 

    • under 18 years of age 
    • be a Victorian resident 
    • have a valid Health Care Card/Pensioner Concession Card 
    • have a valid Medicare card 

    For more information go to Get Active Victoria 

    March 2023

    Fiasp and Fiasp FlexTouch to continue on the Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme (PBS) for people living with type 1 diabetes for a further 6 months. 

    A statement from Diabetes Australia 17 March 2023

    Medtronic insulin pumps - product defect correction for the battery cap: For all people using a MiniMed™ 600 series and MiniMed™ 700 series insulin pump models, including MiniMed™ 640G, MiniMed™ 670G, MiniMed™ 700, MiniMed™ , MiniMed™ 770G, and MiniMed™ 780G should have received an email or letter from Medtronic advising them to check their battery cap and metal contact on their pump to see if they are damaged. See the complete recall notice. Please contact Medtronic Technical support on 1800 777 808 for further information and assistance.

    January 2023

    School Action and Management Plans (Plan) for 2023

    All children/students with type 1 diabetes attending early childhood settings, primary or secondary schools in Victoria need to have a current Diabetes Action and Management plan in place to ensure that their diabetes care needs are met. These management have been developed by Diabetes Victoria, The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) and Monash Children’s Hospital, are based on current best practice paediatric guidelines and are reviewed yearly.

    School camps 

    Going on school camp can be an exciting adventure for children however sometimes parents are worried that the school will not know how to look after their child's diabetes care needs at camp. A dedicated school camp plan, prepared by your diabetes team, will help the teachers plan how best to support your child. 

    For further information on the school plans and camp plans visit the school page  

    Current newsletter

    March 2023

    RCH Diabetes Newsletter 6

    Topics include: 

    • Special occasions: Ramadan, Passover and Easter 
    • Research updates 
    • Managing Sick Days with Diabetes 
    • Driving and Diabetes: Above 5 to Drive 
    • Planning for an insulin Pump Upgrade 
    • Diabetes Allied Health Team changes 

    September 2022

    RCH Diabetes Newsletter 5

    Topics include:

    • New Diabetes Allied Health Team members
    • Family therapy and diabetes
    • Scuba diving and diabetes
    • Halloween
    • Diabetes In Schools Program

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    COVID-19 and diabetes

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    COVID-19 updates

    Latest updates

    November 2022: Medtronic pump upgrades via loyalty program

    After careful consideration, the RCH Diabetes Team has made the decision not to participate in the Medtronic Loyalty Program updating Medtronic 600 series pumps to the 700 series. It has not been an easy decision for us to make, but whilst we currently have families waiting to start insulin Pump Therapy we do not feel we would be providing a fair and equitable service for all patients if we were to reallocate staff to upgrading Pumps before they are out of warranty. 

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding this decision please contact the Diabetes Allied Health Team Manager or telephone: 9345 5926.

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