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Toolkit for families

  • How to help your child with tests and procedures

    Parents/carers can make a difference during their child's procedures, the resources above can help guide what can be done to make the child's procedure more comfortable.
    Ask the staff what choices are available to you and your child, ask staff to support the techniques the child uses to cope with procedures, don't be shy to advocate on behalf of your child.

    Provide comfort measures to the child by offering alternatives such as a toy, reading a book, holding a hand, sitting on your knee or lap while the procedure is being done.

    Praise your child's efforts, try not to scold or punish the child for being scared or anxious during a test/procedure. It is normal for children to feel " scared" about a hospital, equipment and staff.

    Sedation Information

    Breathing and Relaxation Strategies

    Helping toddlers and pre-schoolers with breathing and relaxation strategies

    • Practice with the toddler or young child to blow bubbles or windmill.
    • Pre-school/school age child may pretend to "blow candles" out on an imaginary cake.
    • Ask children questions about the type of cake, theme of the cake, number of candles etc.
    • Coach the child to take big belly breaths, ask the child to place their hand on their belly and breathe in slowly and out making the sound SHHH.

    Comfort positioning during tests or procedures

    With a little creativity, these positions can be adapted to suit the child or procedure, isolating the body / extremity that is needed while allowing for ease and safe access. Using the concept of a " hugging hold' which is secure and comforting to child.            

        Chest to chest with distraction Back to chest sitting with distraction Back to chest sitting with distraction2  

      Pain, pain go away: helping children with pain

      This booklet provides an explanation of how children experience pain, how to provide relief, and how to prevent further fear and distress. This resource comes from the RCH's Acute Pain Management Service, together with pain specialists from Canada. It is useful for both parents and health professionals wishing to learn more about children's pain.

      Pain, pain go away

      Find out about a specific procedure(s) with Kids Health Info fact sheets

      This site is dedicated to providing quality, up-to-date health information. Our fact sheets have been developed for parents and adolescents, and cover pertinent topics about medical conditions and the services available at The Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne 

        Preparing for an Anaesthetic

        The Pre-Admission Resource Centre (PARC) is a family-centred service available to all surgical patients, to prepare them for elective surgery.
        The Pre Admission Resource staff are available Monday - Friday during 0800 - 1630 on 9345 4193 or 9345 4115. Alternatively, if you are in the hospital PARC staff can be contactable by speaking to the staff at Reception J, 3rd floor.

        Potential benefits from attending the clinic include:

        • Decreased anxiety levels prior to hospital admission due to education and familiarisation with the hospital.
        • Many queries which a child or caregiver may have can be addressed prior to the surgery date.
        • Ensuring the child is well for the prescribed surgery - A decrease in day of surgery cancellations due to illness.
        • Being informed and having an increased preparation for the hospital stay, discharge planning and recovery phase.

        Anaesthetics – introduction

        Anaesthetics – admission

        Anaesthetics – fasting

        Anaesthetics – consultation

        Anaesthetics - pre-op

        Anaesthetics - anaesthetic room

        Anaesthetics - recovery

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