Child Life Therapy

About Child Life Therapy

  • Child Life Therapists, ENGAGE children, young people and their families to support their understanding and help them cope with the stress and uncertainty associated with hospitalisation. We EDUCATE by using evidence-based, developmentally appropriate interventions including procedural preparation, distraction, medical and therapeutic play to EMPOWER children and young people to gain mastery of their hospital experience.

    The Child Life Therapy team provide individualised support to children and young people to promote effective coping in the following ways:

    • Preparation for procedures 
    • Development of coping strategies 
    • Medical play
    • Procedural support
    • Developmental play opportunities

      In order to do this, members of the Child Life Therapy team have extensive knowledge in the following areas:
    • child development
    • stress and hospitalisation
    • family systems theory and family dynamics
    • therapeutic and other play forms

    A referral to Child Life Therapy can be requested by RCH treating teams via EMR.