Be Positive

Be Positive (B+)

  • Be Positive (B+) is your way of finding out more about The Royal Children's Hospital. B+ host Carlie and her two loveable friends, Jazz and Rocco, are here to help you learn and understand more about hospital, and what happens here. Meet the different people that look after you during your stay, learn about the technology that helps you get better, and discover what makes RCH a great hospital.

    You can watch episodes any time on RCH TV, or watch these video clips from the show.

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  • A child’s guide to hospital

    Having an ECG

    Dominic has an ECG to see how his heart is working.

    Having an ECHO

    Maddie takes some special pictures of Dominic's heart using an 'Echo'.

    Having a CT picture taken of your head

    A CT scanner can take special pictures of your head, as Thelma explains.

    Having a picture taken in Fluoroscopy

    Amy came to RCH to have a Fluoroscopy scan and here she tells you all about it.

    Having an X-ray picture taken of your bones

    Sam's bone has been in a plaster cast since he hurt it. An X-ray picture will find out if it's better.

    Having an X-ray picture taken of your chest

    Harris tells us what happens when you have an X-ray picture taken of your chest.

    Having an IV blood test

    Abby tells us her tips for having an IV blood test.

    Having a finger prick blood test

    A finger prick blood test is quick and easy, as Kobe explains.

    A tip from Nurse Stacey – Hand Hygiene

    Nurse Stacey has an important message about how everyone can stop germs from spreading.

    Having medical photos taken

    Medical photos are one way of keeping records of our bodies. Hunter met some special photographers and had his picture taken in 3D!

    Having pictures taken in MRI

    Helena tells us about having an MRI scan at RCH.

    Having a nuclear medicine scan of your kidneys

    Rafi tells us what happens when you have a nuclear medicine scan of your kidneys.

    Coming to the lumbar puncture clinic

    Owen takes us through everything that happens when you come in for a lumbar puncture.

    Having pictures taken using ultrasound

    Jessie came into hospital for ultrasound pictures of his tummy. In this video, he tells us about his experience.

    Having some nitrous oxide

    Some people call it happy gas or laughing gas. It's real name is Nitrous Oxide.

    Coming to the Emergency Department

    When Mac came to hospital with a pain in his belly, he got a glimpse of what happens in a busy Emergency Department.

    Visiting the fracture clinic

    Finn talks us through his visits to the fracture clinic, and his special fibreglass cast.

    Having CT pictures taken of your chest

    Lexie needed some special pictures taken using the CT scanner. She tells us what it's like.

    Coming to the Immunisation Clinic

    When Jai came in for his flu vaccine, he learnt lots of interesting facts about the immunisation clinic.

    A tip from Nurse Stacey – ID Bands

    When you stay in hospital, it's important that doctors and nurses know exactly who you are, even if you're asleep. Which is why you need an ID band, as Nurse Stacey explains.

    Having a sleep study

    Amy had problems with her sleeping. She came in to hospital to have it checked. She shows us what happened.

    Get to know the people

    Get to know a physiotherapist

    Jazz meets Dani to find out how physiotherapists care for children.

    Get to know a paramedic

    Ishelle is a paramedic, and she takes Jazz on a tour of her awesome ambulance.

    Get to know an anaesthetist

    Anaesthetists are doctors with a very important job. Jazz met Stefan to find out more.

    Get to know a volunteer

    Narelle is one of the many volunteers you'll see at RCH. Jazz had a quick chat with Narelle to find out what volunteers do.

    Get to know an occupational therapist

    Jazz finds out how occupational therapsists like Belinda help children with everyday things.

    Get to know a pharmacist

    Find out what pharmacists like Katrina do to supply and look after the medicines in hospital.

    Get to know a radiographer

    Jazz meets Dan, a radiographer in the Medical Imaging department.

    Get to know a speech pathologist

    Damien is a speech pathologist, and Rocco met him to see what his job is all about.

    Get to know a ward clerk

    Ward clerks are busy people! Rocco met Susie on Cockatoo ward and tried not to get in her way!

    Get to know a dermatology nurse

    Emma looks after our skin - the biggest organ in our body!

    Get to know the RCH

    Rocco Backstage - Splint Making

    Rocco finds some amazing volunteers making thousands of splints!

    Rocco on Tour - Family Resource and Respite Centre

    Rocco finds a special place where families can make themselves at home.

    Rocco on Tour- Equipment Distribution Centre

    Need a wheelchair or a potty for home? Rocco knows where to find them here at RCH!

    Rocco Backstage - Kitchen

    Rocco finds out how breakfast, lunch and dinner gets made at RCH.

    Rocco Backstage – Central Sterilising Services Department

    Lots of special equipment gets used at RCH. Rocco finds out how it gets cleaned so it can be used again.

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