Be Positive

Be Positive (B+)

  • Be Positive (B+) is your way of finding out more about The Royal Children's Hospital. B+ host Carlie and her two loveable friends, Jazz and Rocco, are here to help you learn and understand more about hospital, and what happens here. Meet the different people that look after you during your stay, learn about the technology that helps you get better, and discover what makes RCH a great hospital.

    You can watch episodes any time on RCH TV, or watch these video clips from the show.

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  • A child's guide to hospital

    A child’s guide: IV Cannulation

    Bella came to have medicine through an IV Cannula.

    A child’s guide: AFO

    Jacob comes to the hospital to have his AFO’s fitted.

    A child's guide: Dentistry

    Coming into the hospital for a dental check-up.

    A child's guide: Joint injection

    Ella comes to have a joint injection.

    A child's guide: Gait Lab

    The Gait Lab can help with your walking.

    A child's guide: Day Surgery

    Dara comes to the hospital to have an operation.

    A child's guide: Haemodialysis

    Delara comes to the hospital for haemodialysis.

    A child's guide: Hospital in the Home

    Zoe has a visit from Hospital in the Home.

    A child's guide: MR PET

    Hannah came to have an MR PET Scan.

    A child's guide: Nuclear Medicine Scan

    Adam comes to have a Nuclear Medicine Scan.

    A child's guide: Nursing observations

    Sophie tells us how nurses take observations.

    A child's guide: Physio in the Pool

    Samuel came for physiotherapy in the pool.

    A child's guide: Lung function

    Abe came to have a lung function test.

    A child's guide: Audiology

    Daniel came to have a hearing check.

    A child's guide: ECG

    Dominic has an ECG to check his heart.

    A child's guide: Echocardiogram

    Special pictures take of Dominic's heart.

    A child's guide: CT - head

    A CT scanner takes special pictures.

    A child's guide: CT - chest

    Lexie needed pictures of her chest.

    A child's guide: Fluoroscopy

    Amy came to have a Fluoroscopy scan.

    A child's guide: X-ray - broken bone

    Sam's bone has been in a plaster.

    A child's guide: X-ray - chest

    Having an X-ray picture taken of your chest.

    A child's guide: X-Ray – dental

    Matteo came to the hospital for a dental x-ray.

    A child's guide: Blood test - IV

    Abby tells us her tips for having an IV blood test.

    A child's guide: Blood test - finger prick

    A finger prick blood test is quick and easy.

    A child's guide: Medical photos

    Hunter had his picture taken in 3D!

    A child's guide: MRI

    Helena tells us about having an MRI scan.

    A child's guide: Ultrasound

    Jessie came for ultrasound pictures of his tummy.

    A child's guide: Nitrous oxide

    Some people call it happy gas or laughing gas.

    A child's guide: Emergency Dept.

    When Mac came to hospital with a pain in his belly.

    A child's guide: Fracture clinic

    Finn talks us through the fracture clinic.

    A child's guide: Immunisation Clinic

    Jai came in for his flu vaccine.

    A child's guide: Sleep study

    Amy had problems with her sleeping.

    A child’s guide to hospital: CPAP

    Bailey comes to hospital to learn about the CPAP machine.

    A child’s guide to hospital: Subcutaneous Injection

    Arinya comes to the hospital to have an injection.

    A child’s guide to hospital: Eye Exam

    Tyler comes to the hospital to have an eye exam.

    A child’s guide: Oral Medicine

    Lachlan tells us about Oral Medicine and shows us the different ways you can have it.

    A child’s guide: Skin Prick Test

    Finn comes to the hospital to have a Skin Prick Test to find out if he has allergies.

    Get to know the RCH team

    Get to know an Anaesthetist.

    Jazz chats to Su to find out about her job as an anaesthetist.

    Get to know an audiologist

    Jazz gets to know Nicola, an audiologist.

    Get to know a dermatology nurse

    Emma looks after our skin - the biggest organ in our body!

    Get to know a Child Life Therapist

    Jazz chats to Anne Maree to find out about her job as a Child Life Therapist.

    Get to know a chaplain

    Jazz chats to Paul to find out about his job as a chaplain.

    Get to know a dietician

    Rocco sits down with Erin, a dietitian.

    Get to know an interpreter

    Rocco gets to know Umran, an interpreter.

    Get to know medical students

    Jazz chats to two medical students, Jenny and Oshi.

    Get to know a music therapist

    Jazz sits down with Lauren, a Music Therapist.

    Get to know a nurse unit manager

    Jazz gets to know Dani, a Nurse Unit Manager.

    Get to know a pharmacist

    Find out what pharmacists like Katrina.

    Get to know an occupational therapist

    Jazz finds out how occupational therapsists like Belinda do.

    Get to know a speech pathologist

    Damien is a speech pathologist, and Rocco mets him.

    Get to know an orthotic technician

    Jazz catches up with Mark and Gabriella, Orthotic Technicians.

    Get to know a pathology collector

    Jazz sits down with Jo, a Pathology Collector.

    Get to know a social worker

    Jazz chats to Beth to find out about her job as a Social Worker.

    Get to know a paramedic

    Ishelle is a paramedic, and she takes Jazz.

    Get to know a ward clerk

    Ward clerks are busy people! Rocco met Susie on Cockatoo ward!

    Get to know a teacher

    Jazz catches up with Ali, a teacher in the hospital.

    Get to know a volunteer

    Narelle is one of the many volunteers you'll see at the RCH.

    Get to know a physiotherapist

    Jazz meets Dani to find out how physiotherapists care for children.

    Get to know a radiographer

    Jazz meets Dan, a radiographer in the Medical Imaging Department.

    Get to know the RCH

    Rocco backstage: Labs

    Rocco finds out what happens in the laboratory.

    Rocco on tour: Gift Shop

    Rocco goes on tour to the gift shop.

    Rocco on tour: Nature play

    Rocco goes on tour to the nature play area outside.

    Rocco on tour: Security

    Rocco visits Security to find out about what they do.

    Rocco on tour: Starlight

    Rocco visits the Starlight room.

    Rocco on tour: WADJA Aboriginal Family Place

    Rocco visits the WADJA Aboriginal Family Place.

    Rocco backstage: Splint making

    Rocco finds some amazing volunteers making thousands of splints!

    Rocco on tour: The Family Hub

    Rocco finds a special place where families can make themselves at home.

    Rocco on tour: Equipment Distribution Centre

    Need a wheelchair or a potty for home?

    Rocco backstage: Kitchen

    Rocco finds out how breakfast, lunch and dinner gets made.

    Rocco backstage: Central Sterilising Services Department

    Rocco finds out how equipment gets cleaned so it can be used again.

    Rocco backstage: Pharmacy

    Rocco goes backstage to the Pharmacy. He meets the friendly staff and finds out how medicine gets from the Pharmacy to patients in the hospital.

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