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Get to know the people

  • Get to know an anaesthetist

    Jazz chats to Su to find out about her job as an anaesthetist

    Get to know an audiologist

    Jazz gets to know Nicola, an audiologist

    Get to know a dermatology nurse

    Emma looks after our skin – the biggest organ in our body!

    Get to know a child life therapist

    Jazz chats to Anne Maree to find out about her job as a child life therapist

    Get to know a chaplain

    Jazz chats to Paul to find out about his job as a chaplain

    Get to know a dietician

    Rocco sits down with Erin, a dietitian

    Get to know an interpreter

    Rocco gets to know Umran, an interpreter

    Get to know medical students

    Jazz chats to two medical students, Jenny and Oshi

    Get to know a music therapist

    Jazz sits down with Lauren, a music therapist

    Get to know a nurse unit manager

    Jazz gets to know Dani, a nurse unit manager

    Get to know a pharmacist

    Katrina chats to Jazz about her job as a pharmacist

    Get to know an occupational therapist

    Jazz chats to Belinda about her job as an occupational therapist

    Get to know a speech pathologist

    Damien is a speech pathologist, and Rocco mets him

    Get to know an orthotic technician

    Jazz catches up with Mark and Gabriella, orthotic technicians

    Get to know a pathology collector

    Jazz sits down with Jo, a pathology collector

    Get to know a social worker

    Jazz chats to Beth to find out about her job as a social worker

    Get to know a paramedic

    Jazz catches up with Ishelle, a paramedic

    Get to know a ward clerk

    Ward clerks are busy people, Rocco met Susie on Cockatoo ward

    Get to know a teacher

    Jazz catches up with Ali, a teacher in the hospital

    Get to know a volunteer

    Narelle is one of the many volunteers you'll see at the RCH.

    Get to know a physiotherapist

    Jazz meets Dani to find out how physiotherapists care for children

    Get to know a radiographer

    Jazz meets Dan, a radiographer in the medical imaging department