Get to know the RCH

  • Rocco backstage: Labs

    Rocco finds out what happens in the laboratory

    Rocco on tour: Gift Shop

    Rocco goes on tour to the gift shop

    Rocco on tour: Nature play

    Rocco goes on tour to the nature play area outside

    Rocco on tour: Security

    Rocco visits Security to find out about what they do

    Rocco on tour: Starlight

    Rocco visits the Starlight room

    Rocco on tour: WADJA Aboriginal Family Place

    Rocco visits the WADJA Aboriginal Family Place

    Rocco backstage: Splint making

    Rocco finds some amazing volunteers making thousands of splints!

    Rocco on tour: The Family Hub

    Rocco finds a special place where families can make themselves at home

    Rocco on tour: Equipment Distribution Centre

    Need a wheelchair or a potty for home?

    Rocco backstage: Kitchen

    Rocco finds out how breakfast, lunch and dinner gets made

    Rocco backstage: Central Sterilising Services Department

    Rocco finds out how equipment gets cleaned so it can be used again

    Rocco backstage: Pharmacy

    Rocco goes backstage to the pharmacy, he meets the friendly staff and finds out how medicine gets from the pharmacy to patients in the hospital