Sleep Services

  • About the service

    The sleep service at The Royal Children's Hospital is staffed by Consultant Paediatricians, Sleep Scientists and Sleep Nurses experienced in the diagnosis and management of sleep disorders in complex respiratory patients. All patients must be seen by a Royal Children's Hospital Sleep Consultant who may request a sleep study if required. The sleep service at the RCH perform sleep studies for complex children with a question about sleep apnoea and/or hypoventilation assessments, CPAP, Bi-level ventilation and invasive ventilation assessment and titration.

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    The sleep studies are performed in various inpatient settings throughout the hospital including:

    • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit - babies less than ~6 months of age
    • Sugar Glider Ward - for children of all ages who require additional nursing care or titration of Bi-level or invasive ventilation
    • Bilby Ward - for all other children and for assessment or titration of CPAP

    Eligibility criteria for a sleep study at the RCH

    Eligibility for RCH sleep services(1)


    Please click this link to access the Sleep Service Brochure


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