• Projects Summary

    The Respiratory group comprises a multi-disciplinary team of dynamic, friendly and committed clinicians and researchers working together on a program of clinical, laboratory and epidemiological research. This group focuses on generating high quality research with ambitious research and clinical outcomes through collaborations with The Royal Children’s Hospital and a number of institutions nationally and overseas.

    Several areas of research undertaken within this group relate to common chronic childhood respiratory conditions such as asthma, cystic fibrosis, long-term effects of prematurity, allergy and tuberculosis. The group is also responsible for a large, long-standing epidemiology asthma project (MESCA) which is a unique resource and is well respected internationally for the insight provided by the study into the development and evolution of childhood asthma.

    The main research focus of this group is in the assessment, treatment and prevention of cystic fibrosis lung disease in young children. We believe that by preventing lung disease early in life, individuals with cystic fibrosis will live longer fulfilling lives. The Early Surveillance Program (AREST CF) is a collaboration of specialist pediatric fibrosis centers in Perth and Melbourne, in conjunction with teams in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Indianapolis, Indiana, St Louis, Washington and Rotterdam, Netherlands, who work together to improve the respiratory health and outcomes of children with cystic fibrosis. ARSET CF is internationally recognized for its world leading research in this area.

    For more information relating to the specific types of research currently undertaken by the department, please use the following links:

    Cystic Fibrosis Research Funding Application

    Publications 2015

    • Liane Ioannou, Martin Delatycki, John Massie, Jan Hodgson, Sharon Lewis"Suddenly having two positive people who are carriers is a whole new thing"- Experiences of couples both identified as carriers of cystic fibrosis through a population-based carrier screening program. J Genet Counselling 2015 (in press)
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    Publications 2014

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    Publications 2013

    • Belinda J McClaren, MaryAnne Aitken, John Massie, David Amor, Obioha C Ukoumunne, Sylvia A Metcalfe. Cascade carrier testing after a child is diagnosed with cystic fibrosis through newborn screening: investigating why most relatives do not have testing. Genetics in Medicine 2013 Jul;15(7):533-40
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    Publications 2012

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