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Key Research Personnel

  • A/Prof Sarath Ranganathan Role: Group Leader of Respiratory Diseases
    A/Prof John Massie Role: Honorary Fellow
    Prof Colin Robertson Role: Honorary Research Fellow
    A/Prof Phil Robinson Role: Honorary Fellow-Manager
    Dr Adrian Lowe Role: Honorary Research Fellow
    Dr Jo Harrison Role: Honorary Fellow Manager
    Dr Mandie Griffiths Role: Honorary Fellow
    Dr Katherine Frayman Role: Clinical Research Fellow/PhD Student
    Dr Liam Welsh Role: Senior Scientist
    Dr Jane Sheehan Role: Research Officer
    Cindy Branch-Smith Role: Research Associate (Off-campus)
    Louise King Role: Research Coordinator of Respiratory Diseases
    Dr Anne-Marie Adams Role: Research Scientist/AREST CF 7-9 year Coordinator
    Julie Smith Role: Research Officer- Clinical Trials Coordinator
    Rosemary Alysandratos Role: Research Scientist
    Billy Skoric Role: Respiratory Scientist/ AREST CF 0-6 year Coordinator
    Nadeene Clarke Role: Research Scientist/Viral Study 0-1 year Coordinator
    Jo Kappers Role: Research Nurse/Coordinator or ACFBAL, FAB Study
    Denisia Geladis Role: Research Nurse for Clinical Trials
    Dr Karla Logie Role: Respiratory Scientist/Research Assistant
    Amanda Mukushi Role: Research Nurse (Sleep)
    Paul Griffin Role: Scientist
    Dr Ranjana Warrier Role: PhD Student
    Courtney Munro Role: PhD Student
    Mary Roberts Role: PhD Student/Sleep Technologist