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Paediatric Rehabilitation Service

Rehabilitation Team

  • Program Team

    VPRS Statewide Medical Director

    • A/Prof Adam Scheinberg

    VPRS Statewide Manager 

    • Joannah Tozer

    Administration Officer

    • Harris Lin

    Research and Education Officer

    • Dr Sarah Knight

    Clinical Team

    VPRS RCH Clinical Director 

    • Dr Neil Wimalasundera

    VPRS RCH Manager

    • Renata Winkler

    Stream Leader

    • Melissa Hughes/Tanya Harle (outpatients)
    • Ivan Spoljaric (inpatients)

    Allied Health Assistant

    • Cathy Edwards
    • Kylie Riddell
    • Lia Young

    Clinical Psychologist

    • Natasha Dean 
    • Shaun Pearl
    • Jessica Ash


    • James Golds


    • Dr Kathleen Bakker 
    • Dr. Melinda Barker
    • Deb Houston

    Occupational Therapy

      • Robyn Heesh (senior)
      • Olivia Beattie
      • Rachael Starr
      • Heidi Chan
      • Paige Blackman


        • Erin Muling (senior)
        • Lisa Edwards (senior)
        • Amanda Apple (senior)
        • Nathan Zuzic
        • Tanya Harle
        • Sania Salim

          Rehabilitation Medicine

          • Dr. Neil Wimalasundera (Paediatric Consultant)
          • Dr. Kevin Dunne (Paediatric Consultant)
          • Dr. Monika Hasnat (Paediatrician/Rehabilitation Consultant)
          • Dr Jayasri Srinivasan (Paediatric Neurologist and Rehabilitation Physician) Currently on maternity leave
          • Dr Olivia Lee (Paediatrician/Rehabilitation Consultant)
          • Dr Ai-Lynn Wong (Rehabilitation Fellow)

          Social Work

          • Sanela

          Speech Pathology

          • Flora Haritou
          • Lucy Fitzsimons
          • Jessie Richardson

          Clinical Nurse Consultant

          • Kate Walley