Mental Health Psychology Service at the RCH

  • The RCH Mental Health Psychology Service offers clinical and neuropsychological services to patients of the RCH. The service is staffed by clinical psychologists, neuropsychologists and postgraduate students.

    What does the Mental Health Psychology Service offer?

    The Mental Health Psychology Service is a specialist service for children with medical conditions, and acknowledges that the impact of a chronic illness or developmental condition can impact upon the whole family, and may result in psychological distress. We also work with children who are struggling with various aspects of their illness including helping to manage their health needs, and to cope with the impact of the condition on their social, emotional and family life. We can also do assessments that help us better understand how you are functioning, and whether your condition has changed the way you learn, think or understand the world.

    Clinical psychology

    Clinical psychology offers developmental, behavioral, emotional, psychosocial assessments and short term interventions based on a range of evidence based treatment models. This may involve a combination of individual, parent and family work.


    Neuropsychology offers developmental, behavioral, emotional and psychosocial assessments. Standardized, comprehensive cognitive, neuropsychological and educational achievement tests evaluate intellectual and learning ability in cases where this is associated with a patient's  medical condition, or where it may be contributing to the presenting issue.

    Services offered to professionals

    Secondary and tertiary consultation to professionals both within and external to the RCH regarding psychological problems related to children, parents and families.