Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications

  • The department promotes the hospital and its internationally recognised advocacy role around children's health matters.  

    Stakeholder management

    Corporate Communications facilitates stakeholder management and provides strategic counsel.

    Media enquiries

    We manage relationships with the media and all media enquiries including (but not limited to):

    • Visiting the hospital
    • VIP visitors
    • Filming of ambulance services
    • Patient condition reports
    • RCH experts for interview
    • Student requests

    Telephone (03) 9345 4220
    Corporate Communications 

    The afterhours service is available:
    Monday-Friday 6am-9am and 5pm-8pm
    Weekends 6am-8pm 

    Brand management

    Branding and templates for RCH staff use can be found on the intranet.

    Corporate Communications advises on and manages all requests concerning RCH branded communications including: 

    • written words/text based content
    • photos
    • illustrations
    • diagrams
    • data
    • charts
    • documents of any file type
    • audiovisual

    RCH publications and annual reports

    Please see the publications page on the main hospital 'About' section.