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    Please see information on media enquiries.

  • Requests to use RCH intellectual property

    Only use this form to request usage of images, words, video, illustrations or sound from the RCH website.

    It is the preferred position of The Royal Children's Hospital that requesters link to RCH information on the RCH website rather than reproducing content. 

    However, if this is not possible or appropriate, please submit your request below.

    All requests to use RCH intellectual property should be submitted using this form. All fields are mandatory.

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    Please provide the name of the organisation that you represent.

    For example: The Department of Health and Human Services, The University of Melbourne, self-employed, Cambridge University Press.

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    If the content does not stipulate a title, please provide the title of the resource the content appears in. For example, a brochure title and page number of an image.

    Please provide as much information as possible.

    For example: the RCH website, brochure or poster. If you viewed the content on the website, please provide the page URL. If other, please a provide a thorough description.

    Content usage

    For example: an image used in a textbook that will be sold.


    Please provide any relevant deadlines.