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Paediatrics parent information

  • What to Expect

    When the PIPER team arrive, they will introduce themselves to the doctors and nurses who have been looking after your child up until then and very briefly also to you.

    We understand that you will be anxious for more information but would like to ask for your understanding that our team will first need to get a complete and detailed picture from local staff who will have worked very hard to stabilise your child.

    Oftentimes, our team immediately becomes very busy assisting your doctors and nurses in treating your child and also preparing for the challenging transport to Melbourne. However, one of our team members will brief you as soon as they can.

    Can I stay with my child when they travel to Melbourne?

    Unfortunately, most ambulances and aircraft do not provide sufficient space to allow you to accompany your child. Our team will call you to update you when your child has safely arrived at either The Royal Children's Hospital or at Monash Medical Centre.

    What about transport and accommodation?

    Your local hospital may be able to advise you in case of problems with transport for yourself. For directions, general information and information regarding accommodation, please see the following links.

    The Paediatric, Infant and Perinatal Retrieval service (PIPER) transfers sick children to the Royal Children's Hospital or Monash Medical Centre. An Intensive Care doctor and/or nurse will accompany your child and provide specialized care. Your child will be either admitted directly to the Intensive Care Unit or taken to the Emergency Department.

    There is limited space available in all emergency transport vehicles. In most instances, there will be no room for a parent to accompany the child. This decision is made by the crew of the emergency transport vehicle and is dependent upon the child's condition, weight, seats available, fuel load, and weather conditions. PIPER may not know until the team arrives and assess the child whether the parent can accompany their child.

    The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne (RCH)

    Royal Children's Hospital
    48 Flemington Road, Parkville Vic. 3052, Australia
    (Melway map 43 E3, UBD page no. 253 grid ref. B5)

    Royal Children's Hospital Parent Information and Map - see Guide to the RCH

    Google Maps

    Phone numbers

    Royal Children's Hospital: (03) 9345 5522

    Intensive Care Unit: (03) 9345 5211

    This number is for parents only. Other callers should be directed to the switchboard (03) 9345 5522

    The Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) is called Rosella Ward and is on the third floor. During the day, enter the hospital via the Main Entrance (Flemington Road). At night, enter via the Emergency Department (Gate 2 Flemington Road). Please ring the bell at the door of Rosella Ward and speak to the staff via the intercom before entering.

    Parents car park

    The entrance to the Car Park is in Flemington Road (enter either Gate 1 or Gate 2). A concession pass for the car park is available to parents after the third day of admission and for those receiving a Child Disability Allowance.

    Parent accommodation

    A limited amount of hospital accommodation is available for parents. There is often a waiting list and a fee is charged for these rooms. A list of nearby boarding houses and motels is available from PICU staff at the hospital.

    Parents are welcome to visit their child at any time. You may be asked to leave the bedside during doctor’s rounds and medical procedures.

    My RCH App

    My RCH is an interactive guide designed for patients and families of The Royal Children's Hospital (RCH) to help you know what to expect during your stay and navigate around the RCH world. This app takes you through each ward by showing specific room and ward features and descriptive information including the various healthcare professionals you may meet.

    Monash Medical Centre Melbourne (MMC)

    Monash Medical Centre Melbourne
    246 Clayton Rd, ClaytonVIC3168
    (Melways reference 70 and 79 D1)   

    Monash Medical Centre (Clayton) is one of the State's major teaching and referral hospitals, providing specialist care to the State's south-east. Monash has a comprehensive range of treatment and support facilities and specialist units including a general and paediatric Intensive Care Unit and a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

    How do I get to Monash Medical Centre Clayton?

    Google Maps

    The hospital is located at 246 Clayton Road, Clayton, Map 70 and 79 in the Melways, and the main entrance is from Clayton Road. There is a pick-up and drop-off point for patients at the front entrance. Car parking for patients and visitors is available but limited, and parking in side streets is subject to local restrictions.

    There is an hourly charge for car parking, but it is kept as low as possible. Parking concessions are available for 7 days stay and the maximum charge for one day is 4 hours. The Nurse in Charge of your child’s ward will give you all the details. The closest railway station is Clayton, which is on the Dandenong/Pakenham line. The hospital is a five minute walk along Clayton Road from the station. There's a regular bus service, and you can find out the closest connecting service from the Met Customer Services Department on 131638.

    Phone numbers

    Phone 9594 6666 

    Monash Children's Hospital (03) 8572 3000 or 13 54 37

    Public telephones are situated at:

    Level 2 - Main Foyer Waiting area

    Emergency Department – Corridor

    What do I do when I get to Monash Medical Centre?

    Once at the hospital, you should enter via the main entrance and go to the main reception desk. Between 8.30 pm - 6.30 am, an intercom outside the main entrance enables security to open doors out of normal hours. At the time of your child’s admission we require you to sign a formal admission form and to supply a few personal details such as contact information, Medicare number and any health information details and your local doctor's name. Then you'll be directed to your child’s ward where nurses will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

    What parent accommodation is available?

    Ronald McDonald House

    Situated adjacent to the Clayton Campus, Ronald McDonald House accommodates the families of children who have a life-threatening illness and who have travelled great distances for their child to have treatment at Monash Medical Centre. For further information about Ronald McDonald House, ask the Unit Manager of the ward on which your child is being treated or ask your doctor.

    If no rooms are available in Ronald McDonald House, other accommodation may be able to be arranged in nearby motels. Ask the nurse looking after your child.

    Visiting hours

    Visitors are always very welcome at MMC. Visiting hours are between 8am and 8pm daily. It is very important to note that visiting hours and rest periods vary from ward to ward. Therefore it is most important that you ask your ward nurse the hours of the ward to which your child has been admitted.

    Are there interpreter services available?

    Yes. Tell your child’s nurse which language you understand best. Interpreters in the following languages are available: Vietnamese, Cambodian, Mandarin, Polish, Greek, Serbian, Croatian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Cantonese, French, Chiu Chow, Arabic and Turkish.

    Are there facilities for shopping?

    A large range of magazines, newspapers, flowers, gifts, cards, toiletries and toys can be purchased from the Gift Shop on Level 2 (near the main hospital entrance).

    Light meals, drinks and sweets are available at the café on Level 2, and there is an automatic bank teller close to the cafe