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Retrievals and referrals


    For all Paediatric, Neonatal and Perinatal Emergency Calls
    1300 137 650


    PIPER is more than happy to discuss any unwell child you are concerned about, at any time.  Early referral enables us to discuss the diagnosis and treatment, mobilise our team and any other resources in a timely manner as required, and to initiate any additional pre-retrieval management as needed.
    There are particular patients who need an urgent response, and we have defined these criteria, which we refer to as ‘Go Now’ criteria.   These are not meant as thresholds for referral, for many such children we would wish to be called earlier, but rather they are triggers for urgent departure of our retrieval team.  See the PIPER Paediatric ‘Go Now’ Criteria.

    Please make your referral at any point in time when you need paediatric intensive care advice or retrieval. Our call coordinator will greet you and record this information in an I.S.B.A.R. format.

    It is NOT a requirement to have ALL the information available

    PIPER paediatric referral information

    PIPER Retrieval Team Response Times

    PIPER Team at Referring Hospital

    • Your name
    • Clinical role
    • Location
    • Contact number

    • Your patient's name
    • Age/DOB
    • Weight

    The PIPER Consultant or Senior Registrar will join the call and discuss the following with you (our call coordinator will record the information)

    Situation The clinical situation (e.g. status epilepticus, child is intermittently
    apnoeic, will likely require intubation)
    Background 1. past medical history
    2. presenting problems/history of presenting illness
    3. management undertaken, investigations performed
    4. review of systems
    • Airway
      • clinical findings
      • intubation grade
      • ETT size
      • ETT position
    • Breathing
      • clinical findings
      • ventilation
      • parameters
      • blood gases
      • CXR
    • Circulation
      • clinical findings, HR, BP, rhythm
      • vascular access
      • fluids (bolusses and continuous fluids)
      • vasoactive medication
    • D
      • clinical neurological findings
      • sedation
      • muscle relaxants
      • CNS imaging
    • E
      • temperature
      • blood results incl. blood glucose
      • microbiology
    • F

      • family/parents
    Assessment The working diagnosis or overall assessment of the situation
    Request Please state whether you are requesting advice only or retrieval or are unsure.


    See the  Guidelines for Referral to PIPER neonatal.

    See the  PIPER Retrieval Team Response Times

    See the PIPER Team at Referring Hospital


     PIPER Neonatal Retrieval classification

    How to arrange an emergency transfer/consultation.

    Telephone PIPER dedicated 24 hour emergency line on 1300 137 650.

    • The referral is conferenced with the PIPER Neonatal Consultant and the PIPER retrieval team.
    • Stabilization advice is provided as required.
    • PIPER Neonatal mobilizes a team, organizes an appropriate NICU/Special Care bed and proceeds to the referring hospital.


    How to arrange a non-emergency/elective transfer/consultation.

    Telephone PIPER dedicated 24 hour non-emergency line on 1300 659 803.


    Return Transfer Service.

    For Tertiary Centre online booking.

    For other referring hospital return bookings:

    Telephone PIPER dedicated 24 hour non-emergency line on 1300 659 803. 


    How to obtain expert high-risk obstetric advice.

    Telephone PIPER dedicated 24 hour emergency line on 1300 137 650.

    • The referral is conferenced with the PIPER Consultant Obstetrician and the call coordinator.
    • Advice is provided.
    • PIPER will assist with organising the transfer and the appropriate healthcare facility required for the referred woman.