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About Nephrology

  • The Department of Nephrology has for the past 30 years provided a wealth of experience in the comprehensive management of kidney problems.

    Our mission

    To provide the highest standard of individualised care to children with kidney and urinary diseases.

    Department profile

    The Nephrology Unit has over 3,000 children attending the kidney outpatient's clinic. The main areas of service offered by the department are:

    • Consultation, kidney biopsy, and other diagnostic procedures
    • Living-related and deceased donor kidney transplantation
    • Urological surgery and support
    • Specialist end-stage kidney failure procedures


    • Dr Joshua Kausman – Director
    • Dr Simon Carter
    • Dr Thomas Forbes
    • Dr Lilian Johnstone
    • Dr David Metz
    • Dr Cathy Quinlan
    • Dr Matthew Sypek 
    • Dr Amanda Walker


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