Graduate Mental Health Nurse Program

  • Mental Health Graduate Nurse Program (GNP) 2025

    The GNP aims to:

    • Support the continuous development each graduate nurse through their individual experience of transition from undergraduate student to registered nurse in the area of mental health nursing, on Banksia ward
    • Assist graduate nurses to demonstrate competence in all domains of their hospital's position description. This will be achieved via a challenging yet supportive preceptorship relationship, providing opportunities for consolidation and the development of new knowledge, skills and attitudes.
    • Provide a theoretical program throughout the 12 month period to consolidate their undergraduate learning.

    NOTE: Recognition of prior learning, after successful completion of the GMHNP, is acknowledged by a number of universities and grants credit towards postgraduate studies in Mental Health Nursing (subject to university approval).

    What does the GNP on Banksia offer?

    • Ongoing support from the Banksia education team
    • Assigned Clinical Nurse Educator (CNE) for the duration of the program
    • Regular debriefs
    • Weekly group clinical supervision
    • Regular in-service training
    • Competency framework to support ongoing knowledge and skill development specific to mental health
    • Opportunity to apply for Banksia post-graduate program at the end of the graduate program
    • Quarterly structured study days provided 
    • Generous study leave as per the EBA

    Is there a university component to the GNP?

    The minimum tertiary education requirement for graduates on Banksia ward is to enroll in and complete a graduate diploma of mental health nursing. There are a number of university who provide this course, including the University of Melbourne, La Trobe, ACU, and RMIT. Graduates are encouraged to choose the university which best suits their needs, and must commence their studies within their graduate year. We understand the demands of tertiary study alongside a graduate program, a new role, and maintaining a work-life balance, and therefore support a flexible and individualised approach to study. 

    2025 Program commencement

    3 February 2025 


    Employment is with Banksia ward for a 12-month fixed term contract, employed at 0.8 FTE.


    To be conducted mid to late July 2025. 

    Anyone selected for interview will be notified by email. 

    2025 online information session - date to be confirmed 

    Please save the date to join us for our Information Session on Tuesday 21 May from 16:30 to 17:30. This will be a hybrid event with places available both in-person and in a virtual capacity, and registration is required.

    We also have two twilight information sessions on Tuesday 23 and Tuesday 28 May, which you can book to attend here.

     How can I prepare before submitting my application?

    • Attend the a Royal Children's Hospital (RCH) information evening
    • Read the position description fully
    • Update your resume and advise your referees of your intentions
    • Ensure you have up to date copies of academic transcripts and clinical appraisal documents
    • Learn about RCH and familiarise yourself with the organisation, including the RCH compact and its vision
    • Revise professional codes of practice and professional ethical standards
    • Sign up to the RCH online recruitment tool Success Factors

    Application process

    It is your responsibility to ensure your application is complete.

    A. Register via the PMVC Computer Match 

    B. Apply online to The Royal Children's Hospital via the advertised position

    What is included in the online application?

    1. Application form (this is available as a part of the online application process and you do not need to attach a cover letter as this form replaces the need for a cover letter):

    • This application form includes a number of questions related to the field of mental health nursing
    • Please note the mental health application form is different to the RCH graduate nurse program and RCH blended program - any application submitted with the incorrect application form will not be shortlisted

    2. Resume (maximum 4 pages). This should address the following:

    • Contact details (include full name, address, telephone number/s and email address)
    • Details of placement areas
    • Post secondary school education history
    • Recent employment history (include responsibilities in each role)
    • Volunteer experience
    • Any further professional development undertaken
    • Professional memberships
    • No photograph is required on your resume.

    3. Copies of 2 x ANSATs

    • One must be from your mental health placement, and the other should be a recent placement. If at the time of application you are yet to complete a mental health placement, or are currently on your mental health placement, please contact to advise of the intended dates of your placement. You will be able to send through your completed mental health ANSAT via email once it is complete
    • If you do not have both ANSATs from a mental health placement, you must include both ANSATs from an alternative placement to ensure that your application is complete 
    • ANSATs must include formative and summative appraisals, and all reflective comments. 

    4. Copy of your most recent university academic transcript (include grading key/legend).

    These documents are used to assist the selection panel to shortlist applications for interview, and incomplete applications will not be shortlisted. 

    Key dates

    Applications open - Monday 27 May 2024

    Applications close - Friday 21 June 2024 at 17:00

    Notification of interview - early July

    Interviews - mid to late July

    For more information, please contact:

    Laura Hainsworth (Psychiatric Nurse Consultant)  

    0481 567 873