Banksia – Mental Health

About Banksia - Mental Health

  • Banksia Ward visiting hours

    • Monday to Friday 4pm to 7pm
    • Weekend (Saturday and Sunday) from 10am to 7pm
    • Visitors are limited to parents/carers and immediate family members
    • Parent/carers are not permitted to stay overnight at Banksia
    • For families from remote areas, Ronald McDonald House may be available for short term accommodation

    Banksia Ward is 16-bed inpatient unit, supporting young people aged 13 through to 17. As part of the Mental Health Program at The Royal Children's Hospital (RCH), Banksia provides brief periods of support for young people in crisis due to acute mental health difficulties.

    Young people typically stay at Banksia for 24–72 hours, although admission length can vary depending on the young person’s needs and goals of admission.

    Banksia is a safe place for young people to stay whilst community supports are put in place so that young people can continue their recovery journey at home instead of having to stay in hospital for a longer period of time.

    The Ward provides the least restrictive environment possible while remaining compatible with the needs and safety of young people and staff. Our model also aims to promote supports through community mental health services as a continuation of recovery.

    Banksia Ward uses a multi-disciplinary approach to assess and treat young people admitted to the Ward. The team is comprised of consultant psychiatrists, registered nurses with mental health qualifications, and a range of mental health clinicians, known as Care Coordinators.

    The unit offers inpatient support and programs including:

    • assessment
    • treatment
    • counselling
    • educational support
    • individual therapy
    • family therapy and group work
    • diagnosis and medical treatment
    • continuity of care

    The Banksia Ward therapeutic program includes:

    • activity groups oriented towards improving self-esteem and acquiring skills, including music therapy, art therapy and diversional therapy
    • educational and vocational sessions
    • therapy to improve interpersonal skills
    • individually tailored programs
    • medication

    Welcome to Banksia

    An introduction to the Banksia unit at The Royal Children’s Hospital. Find out why people come to Banksia and who you might meet while there. Hear directly from young people who have accessed inpatient care with Banksia.

    What will I need in Banksia?

    Find out what you can and can’t bring into Banksia ward and suggestions of what you can pack to be more comfortable.

    Top tips for pre-admission

    Things to know before you stay at Banksia. Find out about provided meals, the bedroom set up, use of mobile phones and social media. Hear from young people who have previously stayed in Banksia so you know what to expect before you arrive.

    What are my rights?

    Find out about your rights while you are with the Banksia unit. Banksia team members talk about the importance of diversity and how this is respected and upheld within Banksia.

    Mutual expectations

    Mutual expectations apply to young people, staff and others at Banksia. These include a zero-tolerance approach to bullying, respecting our environment and each other, knocking before entering closed doors and communicating and listening while respecting each other's views.

    What happens and who will I meet?

    Hear about what a day looks like in Banksia and learn about different options that are available, including supports from RCH teams, phone time and groups. Find out about some common terms that you may hear while with Banksia.

    Next steps

    Hear from young people with lived experience about what it was like leaving Banksia and their top recommendations for the discharge process. Banksia team members also give advice on goal setting and linking with services in the community for discharge.