Denis Browne bar for DDH – video

  • Babies with Developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) often need to wear a special brace (medically called an orthosis). The Denis Browne bar (DB bar) is one type of brace used to treat DDH. See our Denis Browne Bar for DDH fact sheet for more information.  

    This presentation shows a baby being fitted with a DB bar, and demonstrates how you can put the DB bar on your own baby. It also shows how to give your baby a sponge bath, and the daily checks you should do to ensure the DB bar is fitting properly.

    Key points to remember

    • Make sure the straps are fastened so you can place just the tip of your finger under the cuff.
    • Monitor your baby's skin and observe their knee movement each day.
    • Vary your baby's position and give them tummy time throughout the day.

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    Reviewed August 2020.

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