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Primary Care Liaison

Chronic abdominal pain

  • The following pre-referral guideline covers chronic abdominal pain or periumbilical pain without vomiting, for children from school age to adolescence.

    Initial work-up

    • Urinalysis
    • FBE with diff
    • ESR or CRP
    • LFTs
    • U&Es

    Recommended pre-referral treatment

    • H2 receptor drug (eg. Zantac 3mg/kg dose BD orally - syrup available).
    • Maximum 150mg.

    When to refer

    • If symptoms persist after initial work-up and treatment with H2 receptor for 2 weeks, refer for further evaluation.


    References and more reading

    Guideline developed by RCH Gastroenterology. First published Nov 2006. Updated Apr 2010. Please read  Copyright and Disclaimer