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Primary Care Liaison

Acute diarrhoeal disease


    Initial work-up

    • Hydration assessment - oral intake and output
    • Weight
    • Stool MC&S
    • Stool rotavirus/adenovirus
    • Blood tests not normally needed

    Recommended pre-referral treatment

    When to refer

    • If there is significant dehydration or the child is unable to tolerate oral rehydration.

    Also consider referral if -

    • There is the potential of complicating other acute or chronic medical conditions.
    • The child is pre-term or less than three months of age (increased likelihood of surgical cause).


    References and more reading

    Paediatric Handbook (2009). Gastrointestinal Conditions, Chapter 24 (pp369389) Mark Oliver and Lionel Lubitz. Eighth Edition, Blackwell Publishing. By the staff of the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, Australia.

    Guideline developed by RCH Gastroenterology. First published Jan 2008. Reviewed August 2009. Please read  Copyright and Disclaimer