Guide to the RCH

Food for families and visitors

  • The RCH provides basic breakfast supplies. The RCH does not supply additional meals or beverages for parents, siblings or visitors. You will find tea and coffee making facilities in ward parent lounges and The Family Hub. You are welcome to supply your own food and drinks when your child is in hospital, and these can be stored in the parent fridge in the parent lounges (for inpatient families) or in the The Family Hub (for outpatient families).

    Please ensure that all food is clearly labelled with your name and the date you placed the items in the fridge. Unlabelled food or food left for more than three days will be discarded.

    There are a number of food outlets at the RCH: Parkville Café and Little Parkville Café, Aruba, Degani and Sandrock cafés; Trampoline gelato; Shuji Sushi and McDonald's. The retailers at the hospital are Rainbow Convenience Store, Woods Pharmacy and RCH Shop and Kids Health Info.

    All are located on the Ground floor (Beach), in (or adjacent to) Main Street. Trading hours vary, but many operate from 6:30am to 10:00pm every day.

    Vending machines are also located on all levels of the hospital except the ground floor. A supermarket is also available on the ground floor.

    RCH retail food policy

    All of these retailers have agreed to comply with the RCH Retail Food Policy. Only Trampoline has been excluded from this requirement in recognition of its unique product offering and its positioning as an 'occasional treat' rather than a meal item.

    The RCH has taken a leadership position in the promotion of healthy eating and is the first Victorian hospital to develop a retail food policy based on the 'traffic light' model featuring Green, Amber and Red categorisation of food and drinks. The model aims to increase healthier options to at least 80 per cent of foods and drinks (green and amber) displayed at the RCH, while restricting less healthy choices (red) to no more than 20 per cent.