Day Medical Care

Day Medical Care

  • Day Medical Care (DMC) is a nurse-led unit that provides care, ongoing management and diagnosis of patients up to the age of 18 years.

    This are four different areas within DMC:

    • Day Medical Unit provides treatment to patients with chronic medical conditions including haemoglobin and blood disorders, bone and joint disorders, gastroenterological disorders and immune deficiencies. The nurses in DMU also assist medical staff with procedures under sedation.
    • Allergy Challenge Area provides care to allergy patients who require food and drug challenges, allergy skin prick testing and immunotherapy. 
    • Haemodialysis Unit provides a service for outpatients requiring chronic haemodialysis and inpatients who require acute haemodialysis on the inpatient wards.
    • Apheresis service provides treatment for patients who require red blood cell exchange, plasma exchange and cell collections. 

    The nurses in DMC are highly skilled in the insertion and management of intravenous lines, and the management of anxiety, pain or distress in paediatric patients. 

    Contact us

    Please call the main hospital switchboard on (03) 9345 5522 and ask to be put through to Day Medical Care.

    Day Medical Care protocols are now located on the intranet under Dept. intranet spaces -> Day Medical Care.