Day Medical Care

About Day Medical Care

  • Day Medical Care is a nurse-led unit that assists in the care and diagnosis of patients from newborns to 18 years, and from many specialty medical departments. The Unit is located on Level 2, West Building and can be accessed by the yellow lifts.

    The highly experienced nursing staff perform many tests and procedures, and provide treatment and ongoing management, of patients with chronic medical conditions including: haemoglobin and blood disorders, bone and joint disorders, gastroenterological disorders and immune deficiencies.   Patients requiring long term haemodialysis are also treated; and children with food and drug allergies are challenged under supervision.

    Nurses in Day Medical Care are highly skilled in the insertion and management of intravenous lines, and the management of anxiety, pain or distress.  They assist medical staff perform minor medical procedures under sedation, and they are skilled in performing complex endocrine diagnostic tests.

    Nursing staff are actively involved in educating patients and their caregivers regarding condition and treatment for patients.

    All medical admissions are processed via Day Medical Care Reception F between 8am-6pm, Monday-Friday. It is closed on weekends.


    Q. Where can I find out more information about allergy challenges?

    A. Please check the Allergy and Immunology Department website: Allergy Parent Information Sheets

    Q. How many visitors can I have during my stay in Day Medical?

    A. Due to limited space we prefer if each child is accompanied by just one parent or guardian.

    Q. If I arrive early can I start my treatment?

    A. Whilst we endeavour to see everyone as quickly as possible you will most likely have to wait until your booking time due to the high demand of patients we see.

    Q. What do I need to bring to my appointment?

    A. When you arrive, please see our Ward Clerk at Reception Desk F. The Ward Clerk will check some personal details with you, and ask you for your child’s Medicare card, Concession Card or Private health insurance card, if applicable.

    Q. If I arrive late will I still be seen?

    A. While we try to fit everyone in, if you arrive late your treatment may not be able to be completed within the day medical hours and you may have to rebook your treatment.

    Q. What does fasting mean and when is it required?

    A. Fasting means no oral intake, this includes all food, all drink, all water, no chewing gum, and no lollipops. Even one sip of water can create a risk. If your child is having a test that requires fasting or your child is getting sedated then you need to adhere to these guidelines. You should have been advised of this when your appointment was made. If you are not sure or have any questions please contact us on 9345 5950.

    Q. Do I need to stay with my child during their treatment?

    A. Yes, parental attendance is required at all times.

    Q. Can my child leave the Day Medical Unit during treatment?

    A. No, your child must remain in the unit for the entire length of treatment including any observation period, unless specifically told otherwise by nursing staff.

    Q. Is an interpreter available?

    A. Yes, there is an Interpreter and NESB Service available for most languages and if you call ahead of time we can organise one.

    Q. Are there any aboriginal/indigenous Australian services?

    A. Yes, WADJA are available, if you call ahead of time we can organise this.

    Q. Are there any rules in the Day Medical Unit?

    A. Aggressive behaviour towards staff or other families is not accepted within the Royal Children’s Hospital and security will be called if staff feel threatened in any way. In the event of an Emergency, please follow the directions of Staff who will evacuate the Unit once directed to by the Hospital Fire Warden.

    Q. Is there anything to keep me entertained within Day Medical?

    A. There is televisions at most chairs and limited toys, books and colouring activities, however we encourage you to bring your own entertainment such as iPads, homework or books.

    Q. Who else is available during treatments?

    A. As well as nurses, we also have school teachers and play therapists available most days within the Day Medical Unit. Please let nursing staff know if you would like to meet either of them.

    Q. Can my child go outside on the balcony during their stay?

    A. Children are permitted outside on the balcony if permitted by nursing staff. If a child is still connected to an infusion pump, they must stay indoors. Children must be under parental supervision at all times when on the balcony and should stay behind the glass barrier.

    Q. Will I be provided with a meal?

    A. During your child’s stay in the Day Medical Unit, your child will be provided with a basic sandwich, juice and jelly. Please let us know if your child has any specific dietary requirements.

    Q. Can we bring our own food?

    A. There is very limited food storage available and very strict food guidelines to adhere to. Please follow this link (see RCH food policy)

    Q. Do I need to stay after my treatment?

    A. While all treatments are different, if your treatment requires an observation period after your treatment, it is extremely important that you stay for the entire length of time. Nursing staff will let you know how long this will be.

    Q. Can patients and parents/guardians receive a Medical Certificate?

    A. Yes, nursing staff can organise an attendance certificate for the day of treatment for your child and parent or guardian.

    Q. Can I make my booking for my next appointment?

    A. Yes, please see the ward clerk at the main reception desk to make your next booking, if you forget to make it please call the Day Medical Unit on 9345 5950 during the hours of 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday.  Please note the Unit is closed on public Holidays.

    Q. Are nappies provided?

    A. No, please bring your own. However we do have a change table available in the disabled toilet opposite the main reception desk.

    Q. Are breast feeding pumps available?

    A. Whilst we do not keep any within the Day Medial Unit, please advise nursing staff if one is required as we can organise one.

    Q. Can I get discounted car parking?

    A. Staff in Day Medical Care cannot approve any car parking discounts. A daily "Car Park Discount ticket" is available from the Car Park/Security Window on the Lower Ground Floor for eligible visitors who are:

    •          In possession of a Federal Government Concession card, such as a Health Care Card;
    •          Families with inpatients for more than 2 consecutive days.

    Payment of parking fees must be done before exiting, and machines are located in Main Street, or in B1 and B2 near the lifts.

    Further Information about the Royal Children’s Hospital can be obtained from the RCH website. If you have any queries about your booking in the Day Medical Care Unit, please call 9345 5950 between 8am and 4pm, Monday to Friday.