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The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation

  • The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation is the fundraising arm of the hospital. The Foundation aims to raise, manage and distribute money to enable The Royal Children’s Hospital to provide the best care to patients and their families. While the Victorian Government funds the hospital’s standard operating costs, The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation supports medical excellence. The programs and initiatives funded by donated money create outcomes that are above and beyond the hospital’s normal day-to-day activities. They take The Royal Children’s Hospital from a good hospital to a great hospital and, what’s more – they wouldn’t exist without the generous support of people like you.

    The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation’s mission is to inspire our community to invest in the hospital’s future by supporting care, treatment, research and learning that will improve the lives of young people and their families.

    To address the increasing number and complexity of patients with colorectal and pelvic conditions, funding for the CPRS was approved and generously supplied by The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation. The funds are currently used to provide specialised nursing, psychologist and social work support for the children and families affected by complex colorectal and pelvic conditions.

    To learn more about how The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation supports the Colorectal and Pelvic Reconstruction service you may read ‘The Complexities of Care’. 

    You may support the RCH Foundation.