Clinical Products Advisory

Selecting products

  • The hospital has a formalised process to evaluate and select the clinical products used across the hospital. Guidelines for the introduction of a new medical device

    Approval for the introduction of all new medical devices or consumables is required by the Clinical Products Evaluation committee

    The introduction of new technology or clinical practice is required from the New Technology or Clinical Practice Committee. Procedure: New Technology or Clinical Practice

    Clinical Products Evaluation Committee

    Clinicians seeking to introduce a new medical device are required to complete a Request for New Medical Device Request Form (Word 65 KB).

    All enquiries and applications to the Clinical Products Evaluation Committee can be made via the following email address:


    The specifications are used to describe the functional characteristics of the device that are required to fulfil its clinical purpose. The functional characteristics will include how the device is used in the clinical setting, what it is used for and what advantages it may afford the clinician or organisation as a whole.

    To specify a device the 'Request for a new medical device' form should be completed by the clinician wanting to introduce the device into the hospital. Technical specifications will be completed in consultation with Biomedical engineering.


    The initial assessment of the proposed new item is undertaken by the Clinical Products Evaluation committee.
    'Introduction of a new medical device flowchart' (PDF 41 KB)


    By conducting a proper evaluation of a product, its suitability for clinical use is determined.  A person requesting a new product will become the sponsor for that product.

    Under the guidance of the Clinical Product Evaluation Committee, sponsors will be responsible for:

    1. Preparing an evaluation proposal (Word 51 KB) for the evaluation committee by following the evaluation proposal guidelines (PDF 67 KB).
    2. Establishing the key evaluation criteria (Word 69 KB) for evaluating the particular clinical item
    3. Facilitating the product(s) evaluation. Product Evaluation Form (Word 89 KB)
    4. Completing an evaluation report document (Word 105 KB)


    Material resources will facilitate the eventual purchase of the new medical device. The standard purchasing process applies and an 'Evaluation and Purchasing checklist' for all medical equipment new to RCH is required.


    It is important to evaluate medical devices:

    • To assess their suitability for a particular clinical environment
    • To periodically test the market concerning the clinical devices we use
    • Promotes research & development of medical devices in response to consumer feedback. 
    • Maintain best practice