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Guideline development

  • There are two groups at The Royal Children's Hospital (RCH) involved in the development of Guidelines. The Clinical Practice Guideline group generally produces guidelines for the emergency and/or acute management of paediatric patients. The Clinical Effectiveness Committee was established by Nursing Services to support the development and revision of evidence based guidelines supporting nursing practice across the RCH campus. Whilst both groups work collaboratively each group has a different development process. The steps for guideline development for each group are outlined as per the following links:

    Through collaboration with the Victorian Paediatric Clinical Network since 2012 the RCH has adapted a number of its more commonly accessed clinical practice guidelines to make them suitable for use outside of major tertiary health care settings. More recently, RCH has partnered with the NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation, Queensland Health Clinical Excellence Division and Safer Care Victoria to form the Paediatric Improvement Collaborative (PIC). Paediatric clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) that have been endorsed by PIC have been developed with the assistance of clinicians in each of the three States. 

    The RCH CPG Team would like to acknowledge the many clinicians who have contributed to these guidelines, this includes clinicians from General Paediatrics, Emergency medicine and General practice, including medical staff (consultants and trainees), nursing staff and allied health staff.

    For citations, please refer to Citing our guidelines