Nursing committees

  • Nursing Title, Appointment and Credentialing Committee

    The Nursing Title, Appointment and Credentialing Committee (NTAC) forms part of the clinical governance framework of the hospital. NTAC was established in 2013 and meets fortnightly. NTAC membership includes nursing directors, human resource partners, ANMF job delegates and representatives from nursing management, clinical practice, education and research.

    The objectives of NTAC are to ensure effective processes for;

    • approving and standardising role titles, classification, re-classification, credential and scope of practice for nursing positions Grade 3 and above
    • appropriate recruitment and interview 
    • notification of successful candidates so that communication and orientation processes can be kept current 

    NTAC reports quarterly to the RCH Executive.

    Any queries in relation to NTAC , please contact Cate Harris

    Clinical Effectiveness Committee

    The Clinical Effectiveness Committee (CEC) was established in late 2010 with a priority to establish a clear and consistent pathway to support the development of evidence based clinical guidelines for nursing practice across the organisation. All clinical areas across RCH have nursing representation on the CEC which meets on the first Thursday of each month.

    The CEC reports through to the RCH Quality and Safety Committee.

    A number of documents and templates have been authorised by the CEC to support the development of Clinical Guidelines. Please visit the Clinical Guidelines Website for further information 

    If you have any questions related to the development of Clinical Guidelines or the Clinical Effectiveness Committee, please contact Fiona Newall, Chair

    Nursing and Allied Health Education and Training Committee 

    The Nursing & Allied Health Education and Training committee was developed in early 2014 and authorises the content development, delivery and maintenance of nursing and allied health education and training.  

    The committee ensures that the content of education and training  is contemporary and aligns with the organisations business and strategic plans.  

    The  submission form can be found here and once completed returned to the committee via email