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  • Nursing Clinical Effectiveness Committee (NCEC)

    The purpose of the NCEC is to facilitate RCH-specific evidence-based practice through the development and maintenance of clinical guidelines relevant to nursing practice. The committee meets the first Thursday each month, February - December, from 1:30pm - 2:30pm to review new and existing guidelines. Membership from each area is requested, with an expectation that all members are active. Chairs of the NCEC are Fiona Newall and Sharon Kinney. 

    2022 NCEC Dates

    Agenda item submission due by Meeting date
    Wednesday Jan 26 Thursday Feb 3
    Wednesday Feb 23 Thursday March 3
    Wednesday March 30 Thursday April 7
    Wednesday April 27 Thursday May 5
    Wednesday May 25 Thursday June 2
    Wednesday June 29 Thursday July 7
    Wednesday July 27 Thursday Aug 4
    Wednesday Aug 24 Thursday Sept 1
    Wednesday Sept 28 Thursday Oct 6
    Wednesday Oct 26 Thursday Nov 3
    Wednesday Nov 23 Thursday Dec 1

    Campus Nursing Research Interest Group

    Formerly know as The Melbourne Children’s Nursing Research Group, the interest group supports the implementation of initiatives aimed at promoting nurses' use of evidence based practice and engagement in research processes across the RCH Campus. Representatives come from across the campus and Director of Nursing Research, Fiona Newall, chairs and oversees the individual working groups activities. If you are interested in getting involved in any of the below please email 

    Areas and events in which the working groups are involved include: