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About us

  • Our goal is to foster critical inquiry within nursing, leading to identification and investigation of practice based issues, and improved care for children and their families. In doing so we contribute to the RCH strategic focus on GREAT CARE.

    Our work is guided by the Framework for Improving the Quality of Healthcare through Research V2 (Framework). We developed this Framework based on the Victorian Clinical Governance Framework. The original version of our Framework is published in the Journal for Nursing Care Quality (2012).  

        Nursing Research Framework


    We recognise that in order to achieve our goal, we must develop an effective nursing workforce. We employ a number of strategies to support nurses to develop their competence to access, critique and incorporate evidence into practice. Where there is a gap in evidence, we support nurses to generate new evidence through research.

    Our core endeavours that enable us to realise our goal include

    • Provision of professional development programs
    • Mentorship and career advice
    • Leadership in nursing clinical guideline development & evaluation
    • Consultation regarding practice issues in nursing
    • Identification of research opportunities in and from practice
    • Support for clinical research projects
    • Higher degree and minor thesis supervision