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About us

  • Our goal is to contribute to a 'world where all children thrive' through research, mentoring and professional development of nursing staff at RCH. We do this through encouraging and supporting nurses to be curious and to engage in meaningful evidence-based practice ranging from the use of clinical guidelines through to higher degree study (Masters and PhDs). We recognise that to achieve our goal, we must develop an effective nursing workforce. We employ several strategies to support nurses to develop their competence to access, critique and incorporate evidence into practice. Where there is a gap in evidence, we support nurses to generate new evidence through research. 

    We believe the proximity of nurses to patient and families makes us ideally positioned to identify clinical questions from practice, which if answered, could contribute to improvements in patient experience, clinical care or treatment outcomes. The Nursing Research team supports our nurses to turn those questions from clinical practice into research questions and then develop appropriate research approaches to find the answers. Importantly, the proximity of nurses to patients and families means that once the answers to clinical questions are found, nurses are ideally placed to support the translation of research findings back into clinical practice. 

    Our core endeavours that enable us to realise our goal include: 

    • Provision of professional development programs 

    • Mentorship and career advice 

    • Leadership in nursing clinical guideline development and evaluation 

    • Consultation regarding practice issues in nursing 

    • Identification of research opportunities in and from practice 

    • Support for clinical research projects 

    • Higher degree and research supervision