Patient and parent/carer resources

  • Important contact numbers

    Here are the important contact numbers to use whilst your child is part of the Wallaby ward. Please save them to your mobile phone or have them easily located (such as on the fridge).

    9345 4770 (available 24 hours)

    Report any changes or discuss any concerns

    Any alterations to the visit time or location

    In an emergency - Immediately telephone '000' for an ambulance if your child shows signs of any of the following:

    • Difficult or noisy breathing
    • Swelling of the tongue
    • Swelling or tightness in the throat
    • Difficulty talking or a hoarse voice
    • A wheeze or persistent cough
    • Collapse or loss of consciousness
    • Paleness or floppiness (young children)

    Once your child has been given appropriate medical attention, please then call the 9345 4700 (available 24 hours) number and let the Wallaby team know.

    Visiting you at your home

    During your child's admission to the Wallaby Ward, it is important to keep your family home safe and tidy for the visiting Wallaby staff. 

    Wallaby Ward nurses will contact you prior to each visit to confirm the time frame for our visit. We do our best to give you an accurate time, but visits to other patients or travel between homes may take longer than expected. Ensure that you and your family do the following whilst your child is part of the Wallaby Ward:

    • Have your mobile phone/home phone nearby to answer the call from hospital staff
    • Provide a clean surface for your nurse to work on
    • Provide a smoke-free environment while your nurse is at your house
    • Turn on an outside light for evening visits
    • Ensure an adult and the child requiring care are at the agreed address at the agreed time
    • Ensure all family pets are contained in an area away from your nurse
    • Ensure a parent/carer can be contacted at all times on the telephone number(s) you have provided to Wallaby
    • Please give us 24 hours' notice for any changes to visit times or location

    Storing equipment and medication at home:

    • Keep all equipment out of reach of children and family pets
    • Store equipment in a safe, dry and secure area
    • Store medications below 25 C or in the refrigerator if required (we will tell you if your child's medications require refrigeration)

    Telehealth video-consultation

    The Wallaby ward take pride in utilising the latest technologies for patient care. A Telehealth video-consultation means that your child can receive patient care from either a doctor, nurse or physiotherapist - no matter where you are located. Your child may be selected to have a Telehealth video-consultation whilst on the Wallaby ward. All you need is a laptop or tablet, an internet connection and a Google Chrome browser.
    For more information about how to access and use Telehealth, click the following link: Telehealth 

    Diabetes information

    The Department of Endocrinology and Diabetes at the Royal Children's Hospital is a valuable resource to learn more about diabetes in children.
    For more information, click the following link: diabetes at RCH 

    Eczema information

    Eczema is a common skin condition which affects 10% to 20% of children. It is identified as a red, hot, dry and itchy rash that can be found in one or many areas of the child's face and body. It can range from mild, moderate or severe. There are plenty of ways you can help ease your child's eczema. The Dermatology site has information and many downloadable diagrams and videos addressing childhood eczema.
    For more information, click the following link: Knowing Your Childs Eczema

    Sleep study

    Watch how to use an overnight oximetry

    Respiratory diseases information: asthma, cystic fibrosis, sleep-related disorders and acute respiratory illness

    For more information, click the following link: respiratory diseases

    What to do once you have been discharged from Wallaby

    Due legal reasons, we are unable to provide assistance and advice if you call any Wallaby contact number once your child has been discharged from the ward. There are plenty of resources available to families once your child has been discharged from the Wallaby ward. 

    If you notice your child is unwell, there are a number of things you can do to seek assistance that don’t require hospital admission. A valuable resource is your local General Practitioner (GP). To find your nearest GP, click here.

    There are many benefits in having a family GP:

    • Having a regular GP means that you and your family will be seen by the same doctor or same team of doctors
    • The medical history of your family will be located all in one practice
    • Your child will be familiar with the GP and therefore more comfortable when seeing your doctor

    Another valuable resource is the Maternal and Child Health Services. This free service supports your child's health from birth until school age. For more information, click here. For information and support, you can also call the Maternal and Child Health Line on 13 22 29 (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

    If your child is unwell and there are no GPs available, take them into your nearest Emergency Department. For a list of your nearest Emergency Departments, click here.

    Remember – if you are very concerned about your child and it is an emergency, call for an ambulance on 000.

    Other links and documents

    • Wallaby Ward Parent Tip Sheet - .pdf document
    • Preventing Falls - "Don't let your guard down" .pdf document
    • Kids Health Information App - The Kids Health Info mobile app is dedicated to providing the latest up-to-date paediatric health information. Download for free.
    • Maternal Child Health Nurse - Universal primary care service for Victorian families with children from birth to school age.
    • Find A GP - this website helps you find a GP and medical centre nearest to your house. It is important that you and your family have a. good relationship with your local GP.