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Osteosarcoma Home-based Care Program

  • There is an option for your child to receive some of their treatment at home. If eligible, your child will be able to spend less time in hospital, and more time at home with their family and friends.

    This website provides you with a number of helpful resources to assist you in caring for your child at home. Support will be provided by the Wallaby ward as well as the Oncology team.

    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Wallaby on 9345 4770.


    Training modules

    Module 1 - Introduction

    Module 2 - Equipment required at home

    Module 3 - Hand Hygiene

    Module 4 - Basic Pump Function

    Module 5- Replacing an IV bag

    Module 6 - Trouble Shooting

    Module 7 - Monitoring Urine Output

    Module 8 – Physical Activity

    Please complete the following surveys once after having treatment on the ward, and once after having treatment at home:

    For more information regarding your child’s cancer diagnosis, please refer to the PICS website