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    Your child must be present to attend their Specialist Clinics appointment. If your child is not available at this appointment, please call the Specialist Clinics Call Centre on (03) 9345 6180 (Monday to Friday, 08:30am to 5:00pm) or complete a  Change of Appointment form.

    Important information

    COVID-19 has required a rapid transition to Telehealth to keep our patients and staff healthy.

    Your well-being, privacy and confidentiality remain our priority.

    If you do not have a safe place for this consultation or if you are worried about your safety online, please advise your clinician or contact The Royal Children's Hospital (RCH) at any time.

    We will work with you to ensure great care is maintained. Telephone: 03 9345 6180.

    What do you need for your child's telehealth appointment

    • A good connection to the internet
    • A well-lit, private area where you will not be disturbed during the appointment
    • One of these devices with built-in or external web camera and microphone
      • computer
      • laptop
      • smartphone (iPhone or Android)
      • tablet
      • iPad
    • A web browser
      • Recommended
        • Google Chrome (Version 80+) if you are using a Windows, Android or MacOS device
        • Apple Safari (Version 12+) if you are using a MacOS or iOS device
      • Other browsers
        • Firefox (Version 75+) if you are using a Windows or Android device
        • Microsoft Edge (Version 80+) if you are using a Windows or MacOS device
        • Microsoft Edge (Version 44+) if you are using an Android device

    For more information what equipment and operating systems, go to the Troubleshooting and resources page.

    Have your say

    The RCH is currently looking for patients and families to have their say on improvements to our Specialist Clinics.

    To be involved in the steering committee, please email after your consult.

    For more information, please visit

    About the RCH Telehealth Program

    The RCH appreciate the commitment families make to travel into the hospital to attend appointments. Long driving distances, waiting times and taking time off work may add to the stress levels your family experience when organising a trip into the RCH. 

    A telehealth video-call can help reduce this stress. Families who live regionally or interstate can avoid the long drive and have a video-call appointment with the RCH team (provided they are medically suitable). The appointment can be unassisted (with the child and family) or assisted (with the child's GP or paediatrician, or other local healthcare provider). Speak to your child's treating clinician to see if having a telehealth video-call appointment is an option for you.

    The RCH are proud members of the Telehealth Victoria Community of Practice. Our telehealth platform is provided by Healthdirect Australia.

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    How can my child have a telehealth appointment?

    Speak to your treating doctor to see if a telehealth appointment is a suitable way to provide ongoing care for your child.