How to make a referral to the Mental Health Psychology Service

  • The Mental Health Psychology Service can accept referrals from referrers and agencies internal and external to the RCH, however the client being referred must meet the referral criteria listed below. The Psychology Service cannot offer learning or school assessments for children who are not having regular contact with the hospital.

    Internal to the RCH referrals

    To make an internal referral to the Mental Health Psychology Service, please complete the referral using the Electronic Medical Record system.  

    External to RCH provider referrals

    Please refer to the referring information page for all information regarding external providers making a referral to the RCH.

    Clinical psychology referral criteria

    The Clinical Psychology Service provides psychological assessment and treatment to patients of the RCH.  In order to be eligible for our service the young person must

    1. Be a regular patient of the RCH, seen at least every six months.
    2. Be experiencing psychological distress as
      a) a consequence of their medical condition
      b) that is interfering with the treatment of their medical condition
      c) as a parent who is struggling to adjust to and/or manage their child’s medical condition
    3. Not primarily presenting with acute mental health/risk issues to either self or others requiring urgent treatment or case management.

    If you would like to discuss a possible Clinical Psychology referral, please contact Carmen Pace Team Coordinator of Clinical Psychology on Telephone +61 3 9345 4474.

    Or email with your enquiry.

    Clinical neuropsychology referral criteria

    The Clinical Neuropsychology Service accepts referrals for children who are current patients of the RCH, and who have complex medical issues with the potential to impact on brain function and/or brain development.

    If you would like to discuss a possible referral to Clinical Neuropsychology, please contact Jacquie Wrennall Coordinator of Neuropsychology on Telephone +61 3 9345 5373.

    Or email with your enquiry.