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  • At The Royal Children’s Hospital we recognise that parents and carers know their child best, and oneTEAM encourages parents, carers and staff, to work together as one team.

    OneTEAM is a four-step process for you to make sure that your concerns are heard and acted upon.

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    PARENTS/CARERS, speak up and feel heard

    We believe you know your child best. If at any time, you feel like your child is getting sicker or you’re worried about their condition, we want you to speak up.

    You may need to ask a staff member to organise an interpreter. Wait times for an interpreter may vary.

    Step 1

    Talk to your nurse

    If you are still worried go to STEP 2.

    Step 2

    Escalate to the nurse in charge

    Ask to speak with the nurse in charge of the shift. If you are still worried go to STEP 3.

    Step 3

    Ask for a rapid medical review

    Give this card to a nurse.

    A doctor will see your child within 30 minutes.

    If you are still worried go to STEP 4.

    Step 4

    Medical Emergency Team (MET)

    A parent or carer can call a MET at any time:

    • Dial 2222 from a hospital phone
    • Dial 9345 5222 from a mobile phone

    Ask the operator to call a MET, provide your child’s room number, and ward name.

    A team of nursing and medical staff will respond immediately.

    oneTEAM poster

    Escalation of care card

    Escalation of care card

    oneTEAM card